Sales Outsourcing

The benefits of an outsourced sales team

Let’s say your company has developed promising technology and is already quite successful in your home market. You are therefore ready to enter new markets. You can take care of everything yourself, from market research to opening a local office. However, working with an outsourced sales team brings benefits.

Aexus opens office in Fairfax, VA, extends reach into US market

Aexus, the leading European sales and business development company, is opening its first office outside of Europe, in the United States. Starting 1 January, Aexus will be able to help European technology and software companies enter the American market from its American office in Fairfax, VA.

Why Aexus offers Sales as a Service

There is a myriad of reasons why the ‘as a service’ model has become so popular. If a company partners with an Infrastructure as a Service provider, experts take care of hardware maintenance, software updates, and up or down scaling if necessary. It unburdens the company, allowing it to focus [...]

6 Reasons for outsourcing your sales when expanding internationally

Any company expanding internationally must take the target nation’s legal, regulatory, and cultural environment into consideration. Especially for suppliers of complex tech and software solutions, outsourcing commercial activities may be an excellent choice.

INNOSYSTEC works with Aexus on further expansion in Europe

INNOSYSTEC, a global leader in solutions for the preparation and analysis of source independent mass data feeds, is joining forces with Aexus, a leading European business development agency, to expand its business in Europe. Aexus will help facilitate a rapid, effective and efficient expansion of INNOSYSTEC’s business, primarily on the [...]

Aexus helps Weatherite expand its business in the Nordic & Benelux regions

Weatherite Air Conditioning Ltd, part of the Weatherite Group – the UK’s largest privately-owned air conditioning manufacturing business – has announced its partnership with leading European business development agency, Aexus, to extend Weatherite’s reach into the Benelux and Scandinavian markets. 

Exponential organizations inspire tech scale ups to outsource sales

Tech & software businesses are amazing at developing innovative, groundbreaking software, but selling it is truly a different skill. Although it is common to outsource other things, businesses don’t often outsource sales. However, exponential organisations are doing exactly that.

10 questions to ask when selecting your sales outsourcing partner

Selecting the right partner for your market development activities is not easy. Sales and business development activities in a new territory are of strategic importance to your organization. Therefore, a sales outsourcing partner must be selected wisely and carefully. Here’s a list of questions.

Video: expanding your international business

You want to grow your company’s business and accelerate sales. Not just in your home market, but internationally. Where you and your executives don’t know the culture or language. And where you don’t have existing customers or even contacts yet. 

Proven results

Our executives are highly experienced sales professionals, with a proven track record in the European and American telecom, IT, internet and cloud markets. We helped hundreds of tech companies, service providers and software vendors to expand their sales on the European and US markets. Explore our sales outsourcing case studies to learn how we assisted these partners in achieving their goals!