Market penetration

Shortest route to market

Direct sales & business development activities

Channel development & channel management expertise

A team of highly experienced sales pro’s

Low risk: minimal investment, maximum returns

Quick & efficient penetration of new markets

Direct European market penetration

Aexus manages your business in Europe during the first stages of your European market penetration, virtually creating your “own” European office or acting as your agent or partner here. Specific countries and/or verticals can be targeted. Aexus will directly target end users and win reference customers for you. Besides, Aexus can set up your distribution channel and establish relationships with strategic partners, requiring only a minimal investment in resources from your end.

Effective penetration of accounts

Aexus executives have extensive experience in the European technology, software, IT, internet and cloud markets. Since its inception in the year 2000, Aexus has built up a large network of personal contacts at various enterprises. Particularly in the telecoms, utilities, publishing & media, finance, government, retail, cloud and industry & infra segments. The quality of these contacts ensures that Aexus can quickly penetrate the appropriate accounts with your products, services and solutions – providing you with initial reference customers upon which to build your future business.

Established network

Besides, we have established a highly qualified contact base at the key systems integrators, distributors, VAR’s and software manufacturers. This allows Aexus to efficiently match new products and services with the most effective channel partners.

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