Microtel Innovation

“We are combining the best of both worlds: Microtel Innovation’s best-of-breed solutions and Aexus’ business development and account management skills.”

Complete solutions

Microtel Innovation is an Italian company that provides data access and complete network visibility solutions to Service Providers and Data Centers. The company has developed a wide range of innovative technology products for data capture, filtering, aggregation and protocol conversions. Microtel Innovation’s solutions allow a non-intrusive and safe connection to the network of monitoring equipment such as probes, analysers and security systems.

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Clients include telecom industry leaders and enterprise IT managers who want to obtain a complete understanding and total visibility of their networks. Microtel Innovation has a wide portfolio; some of its products are unique solutions, like the Ethernizer, to convert legacy network interfaces to IP, and the Aster Streamliner GTP Load Adapter, a top performing product that helps Telecom Operators to face the challenges of monitoring the exploding mobile subscribers data traffic.

Microtel Innovation: leader in network visibility

Through the years, Microtel Innovation has established a very strong track record in the Italian market. The company is considered a reputable leader in the network visibility domain and has been working with leading telecom operators, service providers and enterprise accounts in Italy for many years. Microtel Innovation is also already present in the International Market, it succeeded in signing up several international clients already.

A winning combination

According to Microtel Innovations’ Marketing Director Paola Genovese, these successes demonstrated that there were possibilities to generate (more) opportunities for Microtel Innovation in other geographies as well, so to establish Microtel Innovation as a Network Visibility leader in the International Market as it is today in Italy. Genovese: “There obviously is a market for our offerings throughout Europe. But it was also very clear to us that we needed a strong partner to be able to get more business from this potential.”

“Microtel Innovation is very strong on the technical side. We are fortunate that some of the best network visibility experts worldwide work for Microtel Innovation. If we could combine that with top level international business development and sales skills, we’d have a winning combination.”

Microtel Innovation investigated various options. Genovese: “We considered hiring people directly and opening offices, but that did not seem a very cost efficient route. Working with professionals that are already active in the markets that Microtel Innovation wanted to address seemed a much more appealing alternative.” The company evaluated various potential partners and eventually opted for Aexus. Genovese:

“Aexus had several major advantages that seemed highly beneficial to us. First of all, they were already present in some of the geographies that were high on our priority list, such as the Benelux and Central-Europe.”

Strategic Partner

Genovese: “Besides, Aexus had been active in the telecoms domain since its inception in the year 2000. So they brought an extensive network of contacts and vast experience in the telecoms field with them. These were key reasons for us to choose Aexus as our strategic market development partner. And this trust paid off.”

“Together with Aexus, we were able to sign a major deal with one of the world’s largest telecom operators. They got us in contact with the relevant people in the account and managed the sales cycle, from the beginning to the end. Besides that, they followed up, involved all the relevant people and made sure things got done.”

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“Managing such a complex process in a large enterprise organization is not trivial. It requires a professional approach, persistence and a good understanding of multi-level sales. Meanwhile, Aexus kept us updated on the account status, tracked all developments and brought us in whenever detailed technical topics needed to be discussed. We were able to serve the client in the most professional manner by combining the best of both worlds: Microtel Innovation’s best-of-breed solutions and technical knowledge and Aexus’ business development and account management skills.”