How Qualifio achieved 50%+ market coverage in the Dutch publishing & media market within a year

Established in 2010, Qualifio is a Belgian company which provides an innovative and comprehensive software offering that helps its customers to engage, grow, retain and qualify their digital communities through an innovative set of interactive applications. Qualifio Manager, Qualifio’s campaign builder, is used by a large number of top digital media(newspapers, magazines, TV, radio), brands and agencies across Europe to engage their web and Facebook communities and collect and qualify profiles.

Expanding international activities

In 2015, Olivier Simonis (CEO of Qualifio) decided it was time for the company to expand its international activities, outside of its home markets Belgium and France. Simonis: “We knew we wanted to become more active in the Netherlands as well, but had not decided on a strategy yet. We were thinking of hiring someone, but we were also considering to work with a local business development or outsourcing company. Around that time, a business acquaintance introduced us to Aexus. We organized a meeting and did some background checks, but it was really the personal fit that made us go with Aexus.”

“Based on their track record, we were already confident that Aexus possessed the right skills, but the personal interaction and click with our own sales management made the difference for us.”

Costs divided in a fixed and variable component

Being a bootstrapped company which is financing its growth entirely by the revenues it is generating, the cost effectiveness of Aexus’ offering is also very compelling to Qualifio. Simonis: “The costs we are making when working with Aexus are divided in a fixed and a variable component. These are nicely balanced, so the collaboration is profitable for both Qualifio and Aexus. Our costs only grow if we are successful. Besides, our arrangement is very flexible. We can scale up or down or even disengage without all sorts of legal hassles or long notice periods.”

“One of the main benefits of working with an outsourced sales organization is the network of contacts which it brings to the table”

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Built up credibility & established contacts

Simonis: “The guys from Aexus have been in the market for many years. They have their own relationships and have built up credibility in our target market. Thanks to these contacts we have been able to penetrate several interesting accounts on relatively short notice. Aexus has been instrumental in identifying the right persons, opening the doors and setting the initial meetings, but also in making sure that the meetings were followed up properly, that proposals were created and that the projects were eventually approved. They take responsibility for the entire business development and sales process, from initial introduction to closure. Together with Aexus, we have been able to sign agreements and start up projects with various leading broadcasters, media companies and enterprise accounts.”

“As a result, we have opened our own office in the Netherlands in the meantime as well, managed by a local executive who is focusing on extending the relationships with existing clients, so Aexus can continue to hunt for new business for us.”