8 Misconceptions About Outsourcing

In the course of our business, we quite often run into a situation where a company is in a position to scale but wants to handle the entire move by themselves. This means they’ll have to get an office, hire local salespeople and give them time to become successful as well as deal with new Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Starting a Business Partnership

While there are many good reasons to take a business partner on board, it is not something which should be entered into without sound consideration. For a start, you’ll need to know why you want to bring a partner on board and exactly what it is that you expect of them. A partner should bring Read More

Potential is nothing until it is realised

We celebrate the wins together and we’ll high-five a good deal but while we’re all team players, it’s nice to occasionally look to an individual for their achievements. Not only do we all learn from these people but we also get a chance to be inspired and if we’re all looking to achieve greater things, Read More

The Future of Retail Tech

Even the shortest of glimpses back into history will show you how the retail sector has come on in leaps and bounds not only in terms of variety and choice but also innovation. Beyond that, it has also gone through some generational changes. You may remember there was the high street butcher, fishmonger and greengrocer Read More

Partnering with Aexus

Aexus was founded with a very simple premise – to make technology companies successful and that is exactly what we’ve been doing since 2000. For example, if you’re a software start-up that’s looking to scale we can help you do that whether you’re looking to scale in Europe, the Americas or in the Asia Pacific Read More

Things to keep in mind when reaching out to the Dutch

If you’re in the tech field, the Netherlands is one of the best places to scale into. For a start, there’s vibrant start-up scene here already and the Dutch are known the world over for their openness to technology and innovation. What’s more, the Dutch don’t shy away from foreign technology, so if you have Read More

The future of banking and fintech

Some people believe that traditional banking and fintech are mutually exclusive but it is much more likely that they can be mutually beneficial. First though, let’s take a look at how things started before we gaze into our crystal ball to try and predict what may happen in the future. Banking electronically We’ve all been Read More

Why selecting a niche focused marketing agency is your best choice

At Aexus Inbound Marketing, we are not for everyone. There are many things we don’t do. We don’t provide our services to car manufacturers, food companies, pharmaceuticals or logistics organizations. Nor do we assist night clubs, rock bands or hamburger chains. Not because we don’t like them (in fact … well, let’s not get there Read More

Doing Business in the APAC region

Covering an enormous area and comprised of more than 40 countries as well as 4.3 billion people, Asia Pacific has been an attractive market to enter for some time. It has enjoyed considerable growth in the last few decades yet many of the tiger economies are still considered to be emerging. China is of course Read More

Customer Success as a Service CSaaS

First of all, it is important to make a distinction between Customer Experience and Customer Success. Customer Experience is all about how customers feel about your products and services as well as their overall experience with you whereas Customer Success focuses on the perception of value that your customers have around your products and services. Read More