Why selecting a niche focused marketing agency is your best choice

At Aexus Inbound Marketing, we are not for everyone. There are many things we don’t do. We don’t provide our services to car manufacturers, food companies, pharmaceuticals or logistics organizations. Nor do we assist night clubs, rock bands or hamburger chains. Not because we don’t like them (in fact … well, let’s not get there Read More

Doing Business in the APAC region

Covering an enormous area and comprised of more than 40 countries as well as 4.3 billion people, Asia Pacific has been an attractive market to enter for some time. It has enjoyed considerable growth in the last few decades yet many of the tiger economies are still considered to be emerging. China is of course Read More

Customer Success as a Service CSaaS

First of all, it is important to make a distinction between Customer Experience and Customer Success. Customer Experience is all about how customers feel about your products and services as well as their overall experience with you whereas Customer Success focuses on the perception of value that your customers have around your products and services. Read More

Dos and don’ts when scaling to a new country

If you are in a position to start looking at countries you could scale into, that’s great. Things are obviously going well. But, having success in your home country doesn’t guarantee success in a new territory. At home, you have your network, your customers, you understand the market but in a foreign country you won’t Read More

If you’re doing business in Germany, you need to pay attention to this

Dutch entrepreneurs with international growth ambitions often first look at our eastern neighbour, Germany. They’re close by, have a large market and are similar to us. But beware, doing business in Germany is slightly different for a number of reasons. The Netherlands and Germany are important trading partners for each other. A large part of Read More

10 do’s and don’ts in sales

Some people think that good salespeople are born with that ability. It’s not true of course, if you have the right personality traits, you can be trained and after that, it’s a case of practice makes perfect. We should know, we’ve spent more than twenty years training our own Sales Development Representatives and nobody stays Read More

10 tips on how to apply for a Sales job

Sales jobs that don’t require a lot of experience always get a lot of applicants. So, we’ve put together a short guide below to help you stand out from the crowd 👇 🌐 Do your research on the company! Learn all about the company, from leadership to business model and everything in between. Websites are a great Read More

Where you go from here is up to you

Aexus is unique among employers. It offers freedom, flexibility and opportunity like no other. We all know from day one that our destiny is very much in our own hands and all it really takes to succeed at Aexus is determination, passion and commitment. If you have those qualities in you and you’re prepared to Read More

Interview Innovatiescouts – with Frederik Peters

Frederik Peters has been working for Aexus for 3.5 years as Business Development Manager. Frederik is also an innovation scout within Aexus. In addition to his work at Aexus, Frederik has been active in Dutch politics for more than 15 years (Provincial Council of Gelderland). Frederik is also active in the executive association of a Read More

A new role for Roel

Like a lot of people, Roel wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to do after university, but he did know he’d like to be in a sales or marketing role and maybe even try his hand at being an entrepreneur. After meeting Chris though, the blurry vision for the future started to come into focus Read More