A strategic approach to SaaS sales outsourcing

SaaS companies are continuously searching for strategies to enhance their sales effectiveness and market reach. One effective strategy is SaaS sales outsourcing, an approach where businesses collaborate with third-party organizations to leverage their expertise in sales. This blog is about outsourcing sales helps SaaS companies. How SaaS sales outsourcing could [...]

How B2B sales outsourcing can transform your company

In today’s competitive market, many businesses face the challenge of scaling up efficiently. Sales outsourcing enables B2B companies to extend their reach without the hefty investment typically associated with expanding a sales team. What is B2B sales outsourcing? B2B sales outsourcing involves partnering with an external organization to manage various [...]

Sales outsourcing for healthtech companies: improve your process

One of our key focus areas is the healthtech sector. Obviously, the health and wellbeing of people is paramount and thankfully, there are advances in medicine every day. Among those advances, many come from companies we partner with in the pharmatech sector. And, while they keep the population healthy, we [...]

Sales outsourcing in cybersecurity: scaling your company

Sales outsourcing in cybersecurity is increasingly recognized as a strategic lever for companies aiming to scale their operations without compromising on security. Established in 2000 and with a team of over 150 staff worldwide, Aexus is the leading tech and software sales and business development company. With offices in Europe, [...]

Sales outsourcing for fintech companies: reach new borders

Fintech companies: scaling in a tech-driven world with sales A key area of our expertise is the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector. In today’s digital age, technology plays a crucial role in enhancing services across all financial areas, whether it’s through physical interactions or online platforms. By leveraging [...]

Outsourced sales team for startups: strive for international growth

Entering new international markets means numerous challenges for startups, from cultural barriers to regulatory complexities. An outsourced sales team for startups emerges as a strategic solution, offering expertise and local insights that are crucial for global expansion. We explore how leveraging an outsourced sales team can give a boost to [...]

Planet Aexus – USA

  While the USA is a relatively “young” country, certainly by comparison to its European counterparts, its history is incredibly detailed, and its culture intrinsically linked to the European continent. In fact, it was actually Dutch and British settlers who shaped the America we know today. Ever since Columbus discovered [...]

Planet Aexus – United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is actually made up from the unification of four different countries, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland but how they came to be unified is not as harmonious as it sounds. After having been conquered by everybody from the Romans to the Saxons, the Vikings and the [...]

Planet Aexus – Switzerland

Switzerland was formed in 1291 by an alliance of cantons against the Habsburg dynasty. It only became a nation though in 1848 after a new constitution was written. Before 1848, internal conflict was quite common, but Switzerland has enjoyed relative domestic peace since the mid-19th century. Also, its organisation has [...]

Planet Aexus – Sweden

In the 16th century, there was an attempt to restore the Kalmar Union, which consisted of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland but the fight to stay independent was led by Gustav Vasa. He established the foundation for today’s modern Sweden and also broke from the Catholic Church with the Reformation. [...]