Sales outsourcing for healthtech companies: improve your process

One of our key focus areas is the healthtech sector. Obviously, the health and wellbeing of people is paramount and thankfully, there are advances in medicine every day. Among those advances, many come from companies we partner with in the pharmatech sector. And, while they keep the population healthy, we help keep healthtech businesses healthy by providing them with sales outsourcing opportunities.

Throughout the years, we have built up a strong presence in the healthtech and med-tech fields. We have been working with a wide variety of vendors, ranging from software companies that have developed systems for protecting patient data and service providers in the medical information exchange field to vendors that are optimizing homecare processes and suppliers of blood processing systems. And from remote patient monitoring systems and AI based solutions for analyzing samples to wearable smart sensors and technology that monitors the safety of mothers and babies.

Our commitment goes beyond just expanding your global footprint; we are dedicated to managing every facet of the sales process for pharmaech companies. Our services encompass strategic market entry, proactive client prospecting, conducting meaningful sales conversations, finalizing deals, and nurturing long-term customer relationships. As a leading sales outsourcing company, we ensure our comprehensive approach covers every element essential for your success in the healthtech sector.

How sales outsourcing works for healthtech companies

Let’s delve into the essentials: the strength of the sales outsourcing process hinges on the expertise of the team behind it. At Aexus, we function like a finely tuned machine, with each team member playing a pivotal role in navigating the complex market landscape of the health technology sector.

  • Business Development Manager: Your primary contact who spearheads the outreach efforts, managing and propelling the sales process forward, ensuring smooth navigation through the health tech market.
  • Backup Business Development Manager: Guarantees continuity in your sales efforts, ensuring there’s always an expert ready to steer the ship.
  • Sales Director: Oversees the strategy of the entire process, ensuring no opportunity is missed. The Sales Director also coordinates the efforts of the Aexus team across different units and regions, leveraging our widespread contacts and relationships.
  • Sales Support Team: Provides vital support by supplying the latest insights on leads and market trends, equipping the team to better serve your needs.

Improve your sales process in the healthtech sector

By outsourcing your sales process, you not only ensure professional and localized marketing and sales support but also keep your business robust while contributing to the health and well-being of populations worldwide.

Start sales outsourcing your healthtech company

Aexus has a team of experienced, driven professionals that are entirely focused on pharmatech. We are constantly looking for fresh, innovative solutions that we may work with and that will help us to accomplish our mission of ‘facilitating innovation and driving change in the healthtech sector’.