7 Reasons why Aexus offers Sales as a Service

Sales as a service for innovative businesses: scale into local markets

There are many reasons why the ‘as a service’ model has become so popular. When a company partners with an Infrastructure as a Service provider, experts handle hardware maintenance, software updates, and scaling up or down as needed. It relieves the company, allowing it to focus on what it does best. Partnering with a Sales as a Service provider offers similar benefits.

“Their local presence, understanding of the market and strong and experienced local team helped us to extend our business”

What is Sales as a Service?

Sales as a Service is a way for companies to handle their sales activities by partnering with experts outside their organization. Instead of hiring their own sales team, companies work with a service provider that specializes in selling their products or services.

This provider takes care of everything related to sales, such as finding new customers, managing sales processes, and closing deals.

Sales as a Service allows companies to use the skills and knowledge of experienced sales professionals without the need to build and maintain their own sales team.

It is a flexible and efficient way to boost sales and enter new markets.

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What challenges will sales as a service address?

Innovative tech companies often face several challenges when trying to grow and enter new markets. Here are some common pain points and how Sales as a Service can help:

#1 Limited resources

Tech startups usually have limited resources. They might not have enough money or people to build a full sales team. Sales as a Service provides expert salespeople without the need to hire and train new staff. This saves time and money.

#2 Lack of market knowledge

Your salespeople need to be able to explain the exact workings and benefits of your product. Therefore, training them in-house is an obvious choice, but that can be time consuming and is definitely costly.

At Aexus, we have been in tech sales since 2000, which means we were able to build up a lot of technical knowledge and experience over the years. We also have a knowledge base in place, ensuring knowledge is preserved and does not get lost when someone leaves the company. Moreover, it also allows new colleagues to quickly get up to speed.

#3 Focus on core business

Tech companies need to focus on developing their products and services. Managing a sales team can distract from this focus. With Sales as a Service, the sales activities are handled by experts, allowing the tech company to concentrate on what they do best.

#4 Fast market entry

Speed is crucial for tech companies. They need to get their products to market quickly to stay ahead of competitors. Sales as a Service can speed up this process by using experienced sales teams who are ready to start selling immediately.

#5 Flexibility and scalability

When your company decides to step into a new market it usually has to adapt its strategy on the go, based on specific market conditions or other new insights. This is not always easy.

By working together with an sales outsourcing company, you can respond swiftly and flexibly if the market or situation requires so. A professional outsourcing organization can quickly and easily adapt the team of people that operates for / with your organization in terms of size, required skills, seniority and background.

#6 High costs of building a sales team

Hiring, training, and maintaining a sales team is expensive. For tech startups, this can be a significant financial burden. Sales as a Service reduces these costs by providing an external team that already has the skills and experience needed.

#7 Risk of failure

Entering a new market is risky. There is no guarantee of success, and mistakes can be costly. Sales as a Service providers bring expertise and proven strategies, reducing the risk of failure and increasing the chances of success.

By addressing these challenges, Sales as a Service helps innovative tech companies grow faster and more efficiently. It provides the support they need to succeed in new markets while allowing them to focus on innovation and development.

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We’re the specialists in making innovative companies successful

This is what our customers say about us:


At Aexus, we specialize in helping innovative tech companies succeed in new markets. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Immediate local presence: Establish your presence in new markets quickly, leveraging our extensive network and local expertise to connect you with the right customers and partners immediately.
  • Highly experienced: A salesperson is nothing without his or her network. Knowing the right people in IT, software, tech, cloud and other industries makes a lot of difference. Our experienced sales professionals know exactly who to speak to and are aware of a prospect’s background and culture.
  • Low Risk: Minimal Investment, maximum returns

“We helped hundreds of tech companies, service providers and software vendors to expand their sales on the European, American and Asian markets. Explore our sales outsourcing case studies to learn how we assisted these partners in achieving their goals!”

Sales as a service case studies

Case #1

Calvi, a leading telecom billing and analytics company, wanted to expand its market presence across Europe. By partnering with us for Sales as a Service, they tapped into our extensive network and local expertise. We started with thorough market research and identified key prospects.

Our team then initiated direct outreach and arranged strategic meetings. Within a few months, Calvi secured major clients in new regions, significantly increasing their revenue. Our ongoing support allowed Calvi to focus on innovation while we managed their sales processes, leading to sustainable growth and deeper market penetration.

Case #2

Verbolia, an innovative SEO automation platform, aimed for rapid market expansion. By collaborating with us, Verbolia benefited from our strategic sales approach and technical expertise. We identified potential customers and crafted targeted pitches.

Our sales experts facilitated numerous high-level meetings, quickly converting leads into customers. This resulted in a 30% increase in Verbolia’s client base within the first six months. Continuous market analysis and adjustment of sales strategies helped Verbolia stay ahead of competitors and establish a strong market foothold.

What are the long-term benefits of using Sales as a Service?

The long-term benefits of using Sales as a Service include sustained revenue growth, cost savings, and the ability to quickly adapt to market changes. By outsourcing your sales activities, you can leverage specialized expertise and local market knowledge, ensuring a more efficient and effective sales process.

The scalability of sales as a service allows your business to expand into new markets without the overhead of building and maintaining an in-house sales team. This flexibility supports continuous innovation and competitiveness in the marketplace.

How do you ensure quality and consistency in your sales processes?

We ensure quality and consistency through a structured approach that includes rigorous training, standardized processes, and the use of advanced sales tools. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

Aexus is the right fit for you when you’re aiming to expand into new territories, optimize your sales strategy, and achieve rapid growth in a cost-effective way. Let us help you bring your innovative solutions to the global market.

Our Sales as a Service offering helps tech and software companies extend their reach into Europe and the US: providing expert, sales outsourcing services. Get in touch if you want to know more!

Sales as a Service

FAQ: questions about sales as a service

Can Sales as a Service be customized for our specific industry needs?
Absolutely. Sales as a Service is highly adaptable and can be tailored to meet the unique demands of your industry. We have experience across various sectors, including tech, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Our approach involves understanding your product, market, and competitive landscape to create a customized sales strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

What are the costs associated with Sales as a Service?
The costs of Sales as a Service vary depending on the scope of the engagement and the specific needs of your business. Generally, it involves a combination of fixed monthly fees and performance-based incentives.