Why complex and innovative technology requires relationship-driven, personal sales

Innovation is great. It drives progress and change, facilitates growth and makes the world a better place. Yet, marketing and selling new and innovative technology is no walk in the park. It requires personal sales.

Digital technology has become mainstream. Most sales persons in the 1980’s, 90’s and even 00’s had a hard time selling technology that was new and innovative at the time. Nowadays, executives are able to understand the benefits of technology and how to reap its rewards much faster. Not least because digital technology has become much more accessible than it used to be.

But make no mistake: while digital literacy may be at an all-time high, this does not mean new technology no longer needs explaining. As an innovative tech company, you will be required to evangelize, clarify and explain your product, thereby focusing on the customer benefits: why is your new technology or product relevant for your target audience? While you already see its added value, prospects may not, especially not if they lack certain technical skills.

Too new for categorization

Some technologies or solutions are so new and innovative, that they are not even yet categorized. Analysts have not described the technologies or products in reports as yet, or have only just started doing so. As a result, it is often very challenging to use inbound marketing techniques to attract attention from prospects and start up sales cycles. People simply do not search for products and technologies online if they are not yet aware they exist. This means that for such highly innovative or even disruptive technologies and products, a personal, relationship-driven approach is crucial for success.

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Tech and software companies are often directing their sales efforts at C and/or VP level executives. It is not easy to get airtime with those people. To earn a place at their table, you need to understand the client situation in great detail. What are the prospect’s major challenges? What are their strategic plans? Which problems are they experiencing? And how could your offering be of help?  In order to start meaningful conversations with prospects and generate traction for your offering on short notice, having a broad network of personal relationships and friendly contacts in place is crucial.

Valued sparring partners in personal sales

During the past 18 years, Aexus has been able to build a large network that proves its value time and time again. Thanks to this extensive setup, we are able to contact relevant executives, determine whether there is a demand for a certain solution and verify where the biggest opportunities lie on the shortest possible notice. As a result of the relationships we have built over the years, our clients perceive us as “trusted advisors”: valued sparring partners that offer relevant information, based on an in-depth understanding of the client’s environment.

Many of our clients have also joined the Friends of Aexus community: a network through which we share knowledge and experience with key executives in leading organizations throughout Europe.

Aexus embraces innovation. At Aexus, we’re on a mission to make innovative tech and software companies successful. Thanks to our relationships with these key executives, we are able to do so in the most efficient and effective manner.

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