Salespeople – Born with it or is it trainable?

It’s the old nature versus nurture debate as to whether good salespeople are born with some sort of natural ability or can someone be trained to reach a good, competent level. You may think that we have sales skills from a very early age as you try to negotiate staying [...]

Aexus’ Methods in Modern Selling

Some people think that sales is just sales and there is nothing to differentiate one sale from the next but that is not entirely accurate. In fact, that’s specifically why Aexus uses different approaches in its sales methods. First though, it’s important to know what sort of clients (or partners [...]

Different Types of Salespeople

In the sales community, there has been much debate over how many different types of salespeople there are. By this, I don’t mean if they do door-to-door selling, telemarketing or some other form of sales, these are just tactics, what I mean is someone’s personal approach to selling. In other [...]

What are the responsibilities of a BDM?

If you’ve arrived at the position of Business Development Manager (BDM) after having been an Sales Development Representative (SDR), you’ll probably already have a bit of a handle on what’s going to be expected of you. Obviously you will be expected to close deals but on top of that, you’ll [...]

Doing Business in The United Kingdom

To understand the United Kingdom, it is first important to know that it is not a single country but is actually made up of the four separate countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. While England has the lion’s share of the power in the union, there are devolved [...]

10 do’s and don’ts in sales

Some people think that good salespeople are born with that ability. It’s not true of course, if you have the right personality traits, you can be trained and after that, it’s a case of practice makes perfect. We should know, we’ve spent more than twenty years training our own Sales [...]

Interview Innovatiescouts – with Frederik Peters

Frederik Peters has been working for Aexus for 3.5 years as Business Development Manager. Frederik is also an innovation scout within Aexus. In addition to his work at Aexus, Frederik has been active in Dutch politics for more than 15 years (Provincial Council of Gelderland). Frederik is also active in [...]

The 5 rules of B2B sales

We are all consumers and the art of the business to consumer (B2C) sale is obvious in everyday life. From outdoor advertising to television and in-store point of sales materials to flyers in our letter boxes, everything is urging us to ‘buy now, pay later’ or choose product x over [...]

What does it take to become an SDR?

Although it’s often considered an entry level job, the position of a Sales Development Representative is actually a complex task. Yet, if you’re eager, ambitious and analytical, it can offer a very rewarding career. Even though there’s no specific academic path to follow to become an SDR, there are some skills [...]

What Lead generation means

What’s involved in the lead gen process? A lead is basically a prospect. It’s not a sale but it has the potential to become one and if you’ve done your homework, that should make it easier. Ultimately, what you’re trying to do is drive interest in a product or service [...]

Proven results

Our executives are highly experienced sales professionals, with a proven track record in the European, American and Asian telecom, IT, internet and cloud markets. We helped hundreds of tech companies, service providers and software vendors to expand their sales on the European, American and Asian markets. Explore our sales outsourcing case studies to learn how we assisted these partners in achieving their goals!