The 5 rules of B2B sales

We are all consumers and the art of the business to consumer (B2C) sale is obvious in everyday life. From outdoor advertising to television and in-store point of sales materials to flyers in our letter boxes, everything is urging us to ‘buy now, pay later’ or choose product x over product y. Conversely, not everybody Read More

What does it take to become an SDR?

Although it’s often considered an entry level job, the position of a Sales Development Representative is actually a complex task. Yet, if you’re eager, ambitious and analytical, it can offer a very rewarding career. Even though there’s no specific academic path to follow to become an SDR, there are some skills – such as time management Read More

What Lead generation means

What’s involved in the lead gen process? A lead is basically a prospect. It’s not a sale but it has the potential to become one and if you’ve done your homework, that should make it easier. Ultimately, what you’re trying to do is drive interest in a product or service to increase sales. As for Read More

Outbound lead generation: How can you benefit from outsourcing the process?

Lead generation is important to every business. In essence, it is the process of bringing potential customers into your sales funnel by manually targeting, prospecting, and reaching out to potential leads. Without lead generation, a business will have to rely exclusively on organic traffic which means they are not maximizing their chances of success to Read More

Reasons why start-ups often fail with their international expansion

The tech world is developing at a rapid pace. Almost every day, unicorns, which have realized a business value of 1 billion euros in a very short period of time, make the news with stories of rapid growth and international success. After a successful start in their home territory, the natural next step for a Read More

How to develop a sales strategy for a scale up in tech industry

When entering a new market, you will need a sales strategy because the conditions and ways of doing business in the new territory will not necessarily be the same as in your home country. There are several steps to developing a sales process for a scale-up in the tech industry. You may even find more Read More

4 key takeaways from the talk show discussion on B2B SaaS sales [video]

How to start a business in a new territory? Many companies are successful in their home territory and perhaps have received some venture capital to scale fast. They will also have ambitious plans for growth in the coming years. How you do that however is an entirely different proposition.

How to sell complex and innovative solutions in the digital age

For centuries, traveling merchants toted their wares around to sell them from town to town. The added value these salesmen offered was their in-depth knowledge of innovative solutions. This is now largely in the hands of customers themselves. Does this spell the end for the traditional salesman?

Why you should combine inbound marketing and outbound sales

In recent years, the popularity of inbound marketing has soared. This is understandable: inbound has many benefits. However, this does not mean outbound sales are completely over. On the contrary: by combining both techniques, you will be able to achieve even greater results.

Proven results

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