Biocellvia is a French digital pathology company developing Intelligent Image Analysis solutions for pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma, Biotechs, CRO) and academic communities involved in R&D. The company has developed digital image analysis solutions, that enable its clients to evaluate – fully-automatically – the level of efficacy of lead molecules based on histological slides. 

Olivier Julé is CEO at Biocellvia. Julé is constantly seeking innovative and scalable methods for growing Biocellvia’s business.

Julé: “For small companies, it can be quite challenging to attract and retain the relevant talent. Especially in commercial roles, finding people that possess the relevant skills in combination with the right attitude can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Besides, the onboarding process can be quite time consuming, which leads to significant investments on our side. Therefore, working with a professional company that can take responsibility for this and  that has experience in our field of business makes a lot of sense to us.”

Julé evaluated various companies and individuals. Julé: “I had worked with various business developers in the past. Most of the time this was not very successful. Many people I worked with previously were interested in the customer management part. However, they were reluctant to carry out actual prospecting and lead generation activities. Many people don’t want to prospect, even though they call themselves sales executives. So I was quite skeptical. But given Aexus’ experience and success in several industries and the fact that – based on the research I carried out – I realized they are a robust company, I decided to give it a try.”

Julé: “The Aexus team was very engaged. They were able to penetrate the relevant accounts and confirm the first meetings quickly.”

Aexus incorporated a multifaceted market penetration strategy for Biocellvia, tailoring their value propositions to solidify opportunities with a multinational biopharma company as well as smaller organizations that could move faster through the sales process. Besides, Aexus facilitated a potential partnership with a major university in Boston Massachusetts.

The limited exposure to risk and flexible model that Aexus provides is highly appealing to Biocellvia. Julé: “The collaboration with Aexus has been working very well. Biocellvia is active in a very complex domain. The context is complicated. Still, Aexus has been able to deliver tangible results within a short period of time.” 

Based on the success of these initial activities, Biocellvia is considering to extend its activities with Aexus into other regions in the future as well. Julé: “If we are penetrating a new market, it’s crucial to get in contact with new leads and schedule intro meetings on the shortest possible notice. Aexus is able to provide that!”