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Within 6GWorld, Alexander Lawrence is the Managing Editor.

Lawrence: “We have seen a very strong interest in our offering and defined ambitious growth targets for the coming years. In order to accomplish that growth, we quickly realized we’d need help in bringing in potential sponsors and speaking to people that could find value in what we do. We simply did not have the bandwidth internally to facilitate this engagement, establish the necessary partnerships and create additional revenue streams.”

The team at 6GWorld looked at various options.  Lawrence: “We considered bringing people on. But we also understood that the costs and risks associated with this would be significant. We did not want to work with call centers, since they would not be able to approach our target personas in the personalized, tailored, consultative manner that we require. Besides, staff turnover within such organizations tends to be high. Then we came across Aexus. They offered a very flexible model at a very sensible cost.”

6GWorld also looked at other firms offering outsourcing options, but decided that Aexus was the best fit. Lawrence: “Aexus’ history and connections in the tech and telecoms domains made the difference. This felt like a natural match. Besides, Aexus has a global presence. A lot of our current database resides in the US and Europe and having a partner that could help reach out and establish relationships globally was very helpful. Also, Aexus’s business model is partially commission driven. There is a nice balance between the fixed cost and success fees.”

In the meantime, the relationship between 6GWorld and Aexus has become very strategic in nature. Lawrence: “The Aexus business development managers are active members of our team. They understand that, ultimately, nobody wants 6G to overpromise and underdeliver like 5G has so far, and that there are all kinds of discussions to be had on how to do this, from fine details to very structural industry issues. Aexus helps us to refine our offering by proposing different packages and client engagement models. They have assisted us in optimizing our messaging and increasing our conversion rates, by providing input on the pitchdecks and our overall marketing strategy. This has culminated in a very strong incremental interest in our offering, which should translate into business as budgets become available. Our expectation is that this is one of those situations where momentum builds and success breeds success.”