ChurnZero is a US based software company that was founded in 2015. ChurnZero has developed a customer success software that helps businesses understand customer’s product usage, health and more to improve the customer experience. The company helps subscription business succeed at scale by giving them everything they need to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and deliver the best possible customer experiences. Its solution helps Customer Success teams spot potential churn risks early and see renewal and expansion opportunities faster. 

Over the course of the past few years, ChurnZero has built up an impressive customer base in the United States. A wide variety of SAAS companies here have implemented the solution. Now, the company decided that the timing was right to enter the European market as well. 

Andrew Demske (Manager Sales Development at ChurnZero): “The discussions with Aexus were started by our VP of Global Sales. Aexus was recommended to him via an educational institution. They specifically mentioned Aexus as the go-to company for European market development activities. So we decided to reach out.”

At that time, ChurnZero did not have a clear idea yet what the company’s European go-to-market would look like. Demske: “We were considering various options. It wasn’t easy, since we weren’t certain yet which countries would be most receptive to our offering. The option Aexus provided made a lot of sense to us. Via Aexus, we would be able to test new markets and with wait direct investments until we had a better understanding of the market maturity.  We looked at some alternative providers as well, but none had the pan-European network that Aexus had in place.”

The partnership turned out to be a success for both parties. Demske: “It’s awesome. We are meeting with the team at least twice a week. They provide us with valuable market insights and as a result, we have a clear picture of what’s going on in the EU market. Also, they are very data driven. We are getting interesting data from the outreaches we are doing. Where we are hitting, where we are missing and how we can improve. By analyzing this data, we have been able to optimize our lead generation activities.”

What Demske likes most about the co-operation with Aexus is that Aexus are “risk takers”. Demske: “They are progressive. They think out of the box. And they take ownership: they actively invested additional time and resources in order to make our collaboration successful. One example is that they cross referenced our database with theirs and started prospecting on leads that were initially not on our radar screen. This gives us the confidence they’re really in it for the long term. And that’s how we envision this relationship develop as well. I’d love to extend the work we are doing with Aexus and have them take responsibility for more geographical areas and an even larger part of the commercial process.”

The fact that Aexus has such a strong local presence in Europe continues to make a big difference for ChurnZero. Demske: “Locality is always going to be a winner. Aexus speaks the local languages, understands the culture and has built up a strong network of contacts, based on their vast experience in tech, that are highly relevant to us. They are also able to guide us through some more challenging terrain, such as the GDPR regulation. It’s great to be able to rely on a trustworthy partner like Aexus to help us decide what to do.”