Funding and M&A

We are excited about innovation. We believe innovation drives progress and change. That is why Aexus facilitates innovation. We help innovative companies extend their reach into Europe, the Americas and/or Asia Pacific by providing complete commercial support.

Many of the organizations we work with are venture funded. They have received venture capital, which enables them to grow their business fast.

We also come across many organizations that have developed great solutions, were able to bring on some interesting clients and have now reached the stage where they are considering external growth financing. Should they continue to grow organically or should they seek venture funding in order to enhance their R&D efforts and accelerate their market development activities?

Aexus can help you decide what is right for your company, based on the background and ambitions of the founding team, the maturity of the organization and the market situation.

If raising money from external parties is the right choice, Aexus can help you in this process.

We have 20+ years of experience in the European, American and Asian IT, tech, software and cloud industries. Through the years, we built a broad network of personal contacts in and an extensive knowledge of the European, American and Asian VC landscape. As part of our mission to drive innovation in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, we’d be keen to assist you with this as well.