What are the responsibilities of a BDM?

If you’ve arrived at the position of Business Development Manager (BDM) after having been an Sales Development Representative (SDR), you’ll probably already have a bit of a handle on what’s going to be expected of you. Obviously you will be expected to close deals but on top of that, you’ll need to be able to Read More

Activities of a Business Development Manager

Business Development Managers (BDMs) play a crucial role in the success of an organisation. Among all of their responsibilities, there is one overarching goal and that is to improve the company’s profits. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why BDMs are well respected and why those who excel in this role can expect Read More

Differences Between Doing Business in Europe and Doing Business in the USA

Europe and the USA have a similar land mass and as most European business professionals can speak English; you could reasonably argue that they share a common language as well. However, this may be where these fairly superficial similarities end as when we get down to doing business, we don’t seem to understand each other, Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Starting a Business Partnership

While there are many good reasons to take a business partner on board, it is not something which should be entered into without sound consideration. For a start, you’ll need to know why you want to bring a partner on board and exactly what it is that you expect of them. A partner should bring Read More

Partnering with Aexus

Aexus was founded with a very simple premise – to make technology companies successful and that is exactly what we’ve been doing since 2000. For example, if you’re a software start-up that’s looking to scale we can help you do that whether you’re looking to scale in Europe, the Americas or in the Asia Pacific Read More

Things to keep in mind when reaching out to the Dutch

If you’re in the tech field, the Netherlands is one of the best places to scale into. For a start, there’s vibrant start-up scene here already and the Dutch are known the world over for their openness to technology and innovation. What’s more, the Dutch don’t shy away from foreign technology, so if you have Read More

Doing Business in the APAC region

Covering an enormous area and comprised of more than 40 countries as well as 4.3 billion people, Asia Pacific has been an attractive market to enter for some time. It has enjoyed considerable growth in the last few decades yet many of the tiger economies are still considered to be emerging. China is of course Read More

Dos and don’ts when scaling to a new country

If you are in a position to start looking at countries you could scale into, that’s great. Things are obviously going well. But, having success in your home country doesn’t guarantee success in a new territory. At home, you have your network, your customers, you understand the market but in a foreign country you won’t Read More

If you’re doing business in Germany, you need to pay attention to this

Dutch entrepreneurs with international growth ambitions often first look at our eastern neighbour, Germany. They’re close by, have a large market and are similar to us. But beware, doing business in Germany is slightly different for a number of reasons. The Netherlands and Germany are important trading partners for each other. A large part of Read More

10 tips on how to apply for a Sales job

Sales jobs that don’t require a lot of experience always get a lot of applicants. So, we’ve put together a short guide below to help you stand out from the crowd 👇 🌐 Do your research on the company! Learn all about the company, from leadership to business model and everything in between. Websites are a great Read More

Proven results

Our executives are highly experienced sales professionals, with a proven track record in the European, American and Asian telecom, IT, internet and cloud markets. We helped hundreds of tech companies, service providers and software vendors to expand their sales on the European, American and Asian markets. Explore our sales outsourcing case studies to learn how we assisted these partners in achieving their goals!