PRECURE is a Danish company which was founded in 2016. Preventing employees muscular strain is good for business as it reduces costs and improves productivity. It is a win-win as company, employees, and the health and safety function gain. PRECURE´s MLI® Solution enables companies and organizations to achieve and document this. 

Søren Würtz is co-founder of PRECURE. At present, he is responsible for all commercial activities and for aligning customer needs with the product management and R&D departments. Würtz: “We were approached by an Aexus representative, who inquired about our internationalization plans. This approach came at exactly the right time for us! We had been a startup for several years and were figuring out how to scale. We were considering different directions. The main question we asked ourrselves was: should we only work with internal sales people or should we also outsource a part of our commercial activities?  We decided to try both.”

This hybrid approach led to interesting insights. Würtz: “Aexus proved to be more successful than our own sales. We downsized our internal sales department and tripled the engagement with Aexus. Initially, we started in the Benelux area with Aexus, but we soon branched out into the UK and German speaking countries as well, which is already yielding the first results.”

The collaboration between Aexus goes much further than a pure outsourced sales engagement and has become strategic in nature for PRECURE. Würz: “Aexus is very proactive and also advises us on our go-to-market and positioning. Our solution is fairly complex and the sales proces scan be quite complicated. This requires a qualitative sales approach, which should be highly consultative in nature. Aexus is able to provide just that.”

Now, PRECURE is involving Aexus in more and more stages of the sales process. Besides, the company expects to further extend its joint international activities with Aexus. Würz: “Doing business in the UK is very different from doing business in the Benelux or the German speaking countries. And doing business in the US also requires a very specific approach and a good understanding of the local market. For PRECURE, being still a relatively small company, it is challenging to handle all this by ourselves. It’s great to be able to rely on a trustworthy partner like Aexus for this.”

Würtz also appreciates the flexibility of its engagement with Aexus. Würtz: “Scaling our sales efforts can be done in a much more agile way than if we hired our own team. If we wish to extend into new territories, the team can be up and running in  a matter of weeks. And if there is a need, we can also scale down very quickly. Last but not least, Aexus already has a network of contacts in the relevant domains, which we can tap into, allowing us to penetrate new markets much more rapidly.”