Thaumatec is a Polish MedTech and HealthTech Software House that is applying Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create solutions for companies that help improve people’s health in the broadest sense, from prevention to cure to rehabilitation. The company is focusing on Embedded Software- and Hardware development, IoT Cloud & Applications development services, Data Analytics & Artificial Inteligence, Quality Assurance & IoT Security.

Through the years, Thaumatec has established a strong presence in Europe. Several years ago, the company decided to extend its reach into North-America as well. 

Maciej Stachura (CEO): “It was clear to us that the American market offered tremendous opportunities for Thaumatec. The US is home to a wide variety of highly innovative tech companies, also in the MedTech domain. We certainly wanted to become much more active here. However, we weren’t entirely sure how to do that. We considered various options, from managing our US activities remotely from Europe, to starting up our own subsidiary from day 1, but quickly decided that working with Aexus was our best bet. We had already run successful campaigns with Aexus in Europe, so when we learned they had a presence in the US as well, it was an easy choice.”

Although Thaumatec is active in a highly international environment, the company understood that having a local presence in the US would be crucial. Stachura: “It was obvious to us that we needed to have native speakers that could also understand the cultural nuances. Besides, we can now take full advantage of the differences in time zones: our Aexus account manager can work with prospects and clients during their day and we can work on proposals and technical questions when they are asleep.”

One of the things Thaumatec needed help with was to obtain a better understanding of the potential in the various regions and states. Which geographical areas were expected to be most interesting for Thaumatec and would deserve most attention? Stachura: “Based on Aexus’ input and experience, we decided to zoom in on the East coast. Especially New York, Boston and Philadelphia, but also Austin and Houston offer solid potential.”

In the meantime, Thaumatec and Aexus have jointly participated in several local events and exhibitions in the US. Stachura:

“And then it really helps that we can rely on Aexus as our local partner for North-America as well. The logistics are simply a lot more cost efficient.”

Partners and clients value Thaumatec’s local presence too. Stachura: “This makes a huge difference in our sales endeavors. Aexus is our local partner. They open the doors that would otherwise remain closed and they drive and manage client processes locally. Whenever there is a need for an in-depth technical call or meeting, they bring our experts in.”

Thaumatec views its collaboration with Aexus as a real partnership. Stachura: “Our Aexus account managers are perceived as direct colleagues. We even organized a short trip for them to our headquarters in Poland, so they could see the projects and products Thaumatec is working on. This gave them an even better perspective of what Thaumatec is all about, which allows them to position themselves as IoT Consultants in the US market place. But most importantly, we value the input that Aexus provides. The regular sych ups and constant excahange of ideas and plans is very beneficial for us. They’re a true partner.”