Headquarted in Bratislava (Slovakia), YesElf is a privately held company which was has developed a powerful platform that helps users understand any app or software better. YesElf’s Digital Adoption Platform transforms new hires into professionals, using AI and machine learning technologies.

Agile and flexible

Through the years, YesElf had built an impressive client base in its home territory and surrounding countries. In early 2020, the company decided it was time to extend its international activities. Peter Simun (co-founder and CEO of YesElf): “We came across Aexus at the right moment. One of their executives participated in a business conference where we were present as well and we hit it off. From the first contact onwards, we thought this could be a great match. When the references we spoke with confirmed our initial impression, we were virtually on board already. Of course, we also spoke to some other companies that were offering similar services, but we did not have that click. The great thing about Aexus is that they are not too large and not too small. It’s neither a one person company nor a huge corporate. They have sufficient size to be able to service us in multiple countries and they built up an impressive network over the years, but they are still agile and flexible. The fact that Aexus has operations throughout Europe was crucial for us. We did not want to go for one country only. We were seeking a partnership with a professional, experienced organization that could work with us in several European countries, be our guide there and really help us build our business internationally.”

Fast and smooth communication

It was the personal connection that was quickly formed between the Aexus and YesElf executives which eventually sealed the deal. Peter Simun: “We enjoyed the contacts we had with the Aexus team from the very first beginning. Communication was fast and smooth and the people we interacted with had the right skills in combination with a proactive and positive attitude. We were onboarded rapidly and the person that was assigned by Aexus as our main point of contact was able to confirm the first meetings shortly after the kick-off took place. Interestingly, the prospect we had our first joint meeting with, a BPO organization, turned into our first paying client in the Netherlands a few months later. We usually focus on large enterprises, but to build a reference base rapidly, we signed up some mid-sized companies as well. And then, only a few months into the engagement with Aexus, we closed our first deal with a large enterprise account: a globally operating insurance company. This is certainly a fantastic reference to have. Besides, Aexus helped us to sign up several resellers in the Benelux, which have included YesElf in their portfolio. We are expecting a steady stream of income from this indirect channel in years to come as well.”

Extending activities

Thanks to the success of the collaboration, YesElf decided to extend its activities with Aexus into Scandinavia already. Peter Simun: “The hopes and expectations we had from this partnership have become a reality. We are looking forward to continuing our work with Aexus in the coming months and years, in several additional territories.”