Founded in 1986 by Professor Charles Curry, Chronos Technology Ltd is a leading international authority on resilient synchronisation and timing solutions including the use of Global Navigation Satellite Solutions (GNSS), Precision Time Protocol (PTP), Network Time Protocol (NTP). Chronos has over 30 years’ experience of designing, implementing and supporting synchronisation infrastructures in Tier 1 Networks, whereby the telecoms market is of major importance. 

Through the years, Chronos had established a strong presence in its home territory, the United Kingdom. Also, the company had started up some initial activities internationally. Around mid-2020, Chronos decided that the timing was right to extend these cross-border activities. The company brought in a consultant who was tasked with selecting a partner to facilitate further international growth.

A niche market

Steve Newcombe (Sales Manager at Chronos Technology Ltd): “Aexus was on the short list of companies that the consultant had identified. We spoke to several organizations, but Aexus stood out because of their engineering and telecom bias. The fact that Aexus knows the telecom space well and thus has a deep understanding of our most relevant field of business seemed a great advantage to us. It’s a niche market. Only a few people in large organizations really understand what we do. Thanks to Aexus’ background and the relevant experience they gained through the years, we were able to onboard them quickly.”

Additional help in the Nordics

Chronos decided to commence the joint activities with Aexus in the Netherlands and Belgium, since its leading partner Microchip asked Chronos to take on the Benelux region when their existing partner decided to concentrate in different technologies. Newcombe: “Aexus started to make inroads into the relevant accounts rapidly. The company is clearly a well-structured, professional sales organization and Chronos really needed that thoroughness. So when we noticed that we needed additional help in the Nordics – and in Sweden and Denmark in particular – as well, extending our collaboration with Aexus towards these regions was an easy choice.” 

Exceed the expectations

The cooperation led to various interesting, qualified opportunities within a short period of time. Newcombe:

“Through Aexus, we came in contact and started up projects with several leading operators in Northern-Europe. Besides, Aexus has helped us penetrate verticals that were new to us, including the utilities segment. This is certainly of strategic value to our organization as well. It’s fair to say that Aexus was able to meet and on several occasions even to exceed the expectations we had of this relationship.”