Headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Triggre ( is a no-code business application platform and the easiest way to make software yourself. Triggre has developed a unique product that gives companies the opportunity to create complex applications, without the need for technical knowledge or coding. The company is on a mission to make organizations agile again and allows them to start creating the applications of their dreams. Triggre has established a strong presence in the Netherlands.

New territory: the US

In 2021, the management team of Triggre decided the time had come to also start up market development activities in the United States. Mark Hulshof (co-founder of Triggre): “The US market offers abundant potential for Triggre, so we were keen to start business development and sales activities here on the shortest possible notice. We considered several options and eventually decided to work with Aexus. Main reason was the fact that by working with them we could be up and running in North-America immediately. Also, I have experienced that working with an external agency like Aexus is often preferred over building up everything from scratch by ourselves, since the agency will take responsibility and can be held accountable for making the initiative a success. This has certainly proven to be true with Aexus as well. Furthermore, a well-established agency already understands our business and needs less training, which shortens our time to market.”

“By working with Aexus we could be up and running in North-America immediately.”

Enthusiasm and clear focus

Hulshof is very positive about the team that Aexus allocated for the Triggre assignment. Hulshof: “The team that is working with us is great in doing the actual outreaches and following up on opportunities. For in-depth technical expertise, Triggre experts participate in calls, while management of the sales process is in the capable hands of the Aexus account manager. Their enthusiasm and clear focus is opening a lot of doors for us. Besides, they understand how business is done in the US. They obviously speak the language, but also understand the nuances in the American business culture and – quite practical – they’re in the same time zone. This local presence makes a major difference. It’s a clear statement towards our partners and clients in the US that the American market is of major importance to us and that we’re in it for the long run.”  

Accelerating sales

To date, the vast majority of the joint activities has been focused on channel development: identifying, approaching and signing up new channel partners for Triggre in the US. Hulshof: “After a few months, we had already signed several partnership agreements with relevant agencies. Now, Aexus is playing an instrumental role in accelerating sales and building business together with these partners as well.”