Ezyinsights is a Finnish company, which was established in 2011. EzyInsights is the fastest viral content discovery platform for publishers and content providers. The company helps its clients to increase engagement and traffic by discovering the most relevant stories first. Customers include leading media groups such as Bauer, IDG, LeParisien, MediaHuis, Sanoma and Bonnier.

Extend international activities

During the first years of its existence, Ezyinsights focused on the development and optimization of its offering and sales of the solution in the company’s home territory: Finland and neighboring country Sweden. In 2015, Ezyinsights decided that the timing was right to extend its activities internationally.

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Opening offices is expensive

Duane Atkins (CEO of Ezyinsights) realized that outsourcing part of the international market development and sales activities would be the right choice. Atkins: “Employing staff locally, having to work out the local tax system and getting this new team up to speed is very costly. Opening offices is even more expensive.”

“We were seeking a much more cost effective route to market. Working with a local, established partner seemed a lot more logical to us”

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Existing relationships

Around the same time, Duane came in contact with an Aexus business development manager. Atkins: “We were planning to expand into Europe, but had not decided yet where to focus our efforts. We were looking for companies that had existing relationships with our key target market: publishers and media companies. The contact with Aexus came at exactly the right time.”

“They brought an existing network of contacts in the segments that are relevant to us and were already representing several other organizations from the Nordics, so we could do some quick reference checks”

Interesting geographies

Also, the geographies which are covered by Aexus are very interesting to us. The Netherlands and Belgium are leading countries when it comes to the adoption of new technologies. Furthermore, the area is home to various interesting prospects. Although the market for our offering has still not reached the maturity phase, we signed up several interesting accounts together with Aexus and built the foundation for further growth.”

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Succesful Benelux market entry

After the successful Benelux market entry, Ezyinsights copied the market penetration model to other European countries. In the meantime, the company has been able to claim a strong foothold in Spain, France and Germany as well. Atkins:

“We noticed that there was blue ocean in Central-Europe, with many very interesting prospects for our offering and little competition”

“The ability to crack these markets in a cost effective manner by working with outsourced sales partners, which understand the culture and speak the various languages, is great. Especially for startups who are not able to throw tons of money at new market development efforts with the risk that it does not work.”