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How does it work when my company outsources its sales process?

Aexus acts as the local sales partner for software and tech companies in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. We provide you with a direct presence in the region. You can expect from us the same as you would from a sales person on your pay roll. We take responsibility for your European, American and Asian business development and sales activities, but we save you the hassle and costs of having to open your own office here, employ your own staff and understand the legal and tax systems. Also, we save you time, since we know the local culture, speak the relevant languages and – most importantly – bring an extensive network of relevant contacts to businesses and government organizations which may very well be of interest to your company too.

We strive to establish partnerships with the companies we represent. We share the same goal, which is to maximize returns, not only in short term, but for the years to come. As a result, we need to build a strong foundation. We need to invest time and resources in skilling up, research and in building long-term relationships with customers and partners. We participate in trainings and will have an open line of communication with you, keeping you updated on all our activities. As a result of this transparancy, you will be able to provide us the information we need to generate more leads, accelerate sales and build your business.

During the initial stage of the collaboration, we mostly ask our partners (you!) to participate in one or two roadshows, whereby we will have a number of meetings in a few consecutive days. This will help us to learn more about your offering and allow us to understand in even more detail how your offering should be positioned and how we should address the most frequently asked questions. The initial stage consists of a first contact between our companies, an initial market scan / assessment from our end to determine if there is a fit, a plan / proposal on how we could work together, a kick-off / training session and the aforementioned roadshow. In most cases we are then able to manage the sales process autonomously, but naturally we do so whilst maintaining close contact with you. For the more technical questions and issues, we always wish to fall back on the support of the software / tech company (you!).

What are the costs?

Aexus charges a fixed fee + commission for its services. The retainer is low – it merely serves to cover Aexus for skilling up and research requirements. The benefit for Aexus is only realized when the specific goals have been achieved and business has been won.

In any case, your costs in both relative and absolute terms will always be many times lower than if you allocated / hired your own staff or opened your own offices in the relevant markets. Please also check out our case studies section to learn how other companies were able to penetrate the European, American and/or Asian market in a successful and highly cost effective manner.

How fast can you be up and running?

Aexus is able to get up to speed very quickly. Since our inception in the year 2000, we developed our own highly pragmatic, straightforward and successful market penetration methodology. This methodology is based on extensive knowledge of the local markets, a strong network of contacts and relationships and a comprehensive understanding of the corporate culture and background of the relevant businesses and government organizations here. Combined with our proven track record and experience in selling complex tech and software solutions, these traits facilitate a quick and cost effective European, American and/or Asian market penetration route for tech and software companies.

What does your vendor selection process look like?

Before Aexus commences a sales collaboration with a new partner (a tech or software company) we obviously need to be convinced of the business potential for the specific offering in our market. In order to obtain a good understanding of this, we always perform a market scan. We speak to industry experts, prospects, prospect partners, investors and colleagues. If the outcome of this scan shows an interesting ROI, not only in the short term but also in the years to come, we feel it is appropriate to create a market penetration plan / commercial partnership proposal for you to review.

Would we need to commit to a 12-months contract?

No. Aexus is working with its partners in the most flexible manner possible: the agreement can be terminated at any time by either party against 30-days written notice. The vendors we work with very often have a strong desire to remain highly flexible and independent. They may change their strategy, they may zoom in on specific geographical markets or they may be acquired.

By working with Aexus, you are able to “test” the market in the specified areas and wait with big, direct investments (e.g. opening your own office, extending your direct sales force) until your business is mature enough, thereby minimizing your exposure to risk.

How can we monitor the progress?

Before we start a collaboration, we carry out a market potential scan based on which we set (revenue) objectives. These objectives will be part of our sales plan and should be monitored continuously.

In any case, Aexus provides a complete, totally transparent overview of all activities, achievements, statuses and next steps every two weeks, so you are constantly aware of our progress. Naturally, we will also have regular sales and progress calls to make sure that we are aligned on our activities and approach.

Our offering is complex. Will your team be able to understand and sell our solution?

Yes. Aexus has 20+ years’ experience in helping software and tech companies to successfully penetrate new markets. Virtually all of the vendors we have worked with provide complex products, solutions and services which are targeted at larger businesses and government organizations. We are professionals with extensive experience and a proven track record in this domain.

Who “owns” the customer relationship?

Aexus initiates the initial contacts, nurtures these relationships and manages the sales process. However, the deal (customer contract) is always signed directly between your organization and the client.

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