Aexus opens office in Fairfax, VA, extends reach into US market

Aexus, the leading European sales and business development company, is opening its first office outside of Europe, in the United States. Starting 1 January, Aexus will be able to help European technology and software companies enter the American market from its American office in Fairfax, VA.

Chris Gerretsen, founder and CEO at Aexus, explains the decision to open its US office: “For almost 20 years, we have been helping innovative tech and software companies with marketing and sales in Europe. After successfully helping them penetrate the European market, many of our partners asked us to assist them in their US market development efforts as well. By opening our own US office, we’ll be able to accommodate this.”

The new office is situated in Fairfax, Virginia, 17 miles west of Washington D.C. There are a number of reasons for picking this particular location: a wide variety of large enterprises and governmental organizations are located here. Besides, large hubs including Washington D.C., Boston and New York and some of the best universities in the world are close by. As a result, highly skilled commercial talent is widely available. Also, Fairfax is home to a vast number of scaleups, especially in the data analytics and cyber security domains. Last but not least, Fairfax is on the American East Coast, so the time difference with Aexus HQ and travel time to and from Europe is relatively limited.

By working with Aexus, tech and software companies will be able to “test” the US market, and wait with sizable, direct investments (e.g. opening their own office, extending their direct sales force) until their business is mature enough, thereby minimizing their exposure to risk. The Aexus team in the US consists of professionals who have extensive experience in the American market and a strong network of contacts at various enterprises and government organizations. They know the corporate culture and background of many of these organizations and speak the relevant languages. By working with Aexus, tech and software companies will be able to penetrate the American market in a very effective and cost-efficient way.