Helping to stamp out the carbon footprint one building at a time

As is already well known, Aexus take their environmental responsibilities very seriously. In fact, that is one of the reasons why we want to partner with companies with the same values as us at their heart. One such company that is championing this cause is Nuuka Solutions. Less impact on the environment What Nuuka does Read More

Doing Business in the United States

From Wall Street and Manhattan to the oil fields of Texas and the skyscrapers of Dallas, doing business in America is something many companies are ambitious to achieve. America has always been billed as the ‘land of opportunity’ and is still portrayed this way in popular culture. Certainly, American business has been used as a Read More

What’s going on in agri-tech?

Everyone, even from school age knows a little about agriculture. Agriculture is what feeds and sustains us. It is actually, the ‘bread basket’ to many economies around the world and far too big a sector for the tech companies that we work with to ignore. There are many benefits from technology in the agri sector, Read More

Outbound lead generation: How can you benefit from outsourcing the process?

Lead generation is important to every business. In essence, it is the process of bringing potential customers into your sales funnel by manually targeting, prospecting, and reaching out to potential leads. Without lead generation, a business will have to rely exclusively on organic traffic which means they are not maximizing their chances of success to Read More

A colleague in the spotlight: Roel Evers

While you can find our entire team on this website, we think those short biographies don’t do them justice. This month’s colleague in the spotlight: Roel Evers! Roel’s a commercial director at Aexus, which means he works with the entire team of sales managers, business development managers, sales execs, SDRs and is responsible for all Read More

Five trends in retail tech

Retail has seen a remarkable transition in the last 50 years. From local family-run shops in your neighborhood to global superstores, the pace of change has been relentless. But who is leading this change? Is it the retailers who want to show off their wares in the most spectacular manner or is it the consumers Read More

Reasons why start-ups often fail with their international expansion

The tech world is developing at a rapid pace. Almost every day, unicorns, which have realized a business value of 1 billion euros in a very short period of time, make the news with stories of rapid growth and international success. After a successful start in their home territory, the natural next step for a Read More

How to develop a sales strategy for a scale up in tech industry

When entering a new market, you will need a sales strategy because the conditions and ways of doing business in the new territory will not necessarily be the same as in your home country. There are several steps to developing a sales process for a scale-up in the tech industry. You may even find more Read More

How to develop a market entry strategy for the German market

Germany is generally considered as an appealing country to enter: the country has great opportunities due to the large market and economy and high purchasing power parity (PPP). The rewards for making it in the German market are there for all to see but it is certainly not easy, as the market is also very Read More

Inbound marketing: 5 step guide how to create a content strategy

Inbound marketing is a great marketing strategy to generate new leads online based on a web search. The essence of inbound marketing is to tie the potential customer to your brand and offering from the beginning of the buyer journey and provide content to support the decision. This can be done by educating the buyer Read More