Doing Business in the Nordics

The Nordics is a region of 43 thousand km2 and is comprised of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. With 27.36 million potential consumers, it has around the same population as the Benelux region and is an excellent place to do business. Across the region, almost every business sector is catered for but industries like global Read More

Interview on Large Account Sales – with Jos van der Meulen

Jos van der Meulen is co-owner of Aexus and therefore has over 20 years’ worth of experience in sales. A big part of the job is large account sales and that’s slightly different from smaller accounts. In this interview you’ll get to know the process of large account sales and what Jos’ role is in Read More

What does the future of Cyber Security look like?

With the threat of cyber-attacks hanging over the heads of governments, businesses and individuals, something needs to be done. That’s why we decided to look forward as to what is being done to protect us. It is worth bearing in mind though that the harder we try to protect ourselves, the harder the criminals try Read More

World Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security is one of the greatest threats to our safety, wellbeing and national security that we have faced in recent times. What’s more, cyber security is not just an issue for governments, it can and has affected companies too. With malware and ransomware, some companies have been forced to pay millions to retrieve their Read More

Interview on 7 lessons of International Business – with Eric Haeken

Eric Haeken is Managing Director at Aexus. He has been working at Aexus for over 10 years and has extensive experience of working internationally. Here you can find the 7 lessons that he believes are important when it comes to doing business internationally with some great examples that Eric has experienced personally in the last Read More

What is Telemarketing and why might it be right for me?

Telemarketing has suffered from a bad reputation. It is often considered that telemarketers make mass calls to uninterested people, annoying them in the process and giving your company a bad name. That is not the case now though and these bad practices have been stamped out of the industry by proper and reputable practitioners. In Read More

The 5 rules of B2B sales

We are all consumers and the art of the business to consumer (B2C) sale is obvious in everyday life. From outdoor advertising to television and in-store point of sales materials to flyers in our letter boxes, everything is urging us to ‘buy now, pay later’ or choose product x over product y. Conversely, not everybody Read More

What does it take to become an SDR?

Although it’s often considered an entry level job, the position of a Sales Development Representative is actually a complex task. Yet, if you’re eager, ambitious and analytical, it can offer a very rewarding career. Even though there’s no specific academic path to follow to become an SDR, there are some skills – such as time management Read More

The Top 5 pitfalls of trying to scale in a new territory by yourself

While I don’t want to rain on your parade, you’ve had success in your home country and everyone is proud of that, but replicating it in a new country may not necessarily be as easy as you think. Let me explain. Logic would suggest that if your product is proven, it works and companies are Read More

How sales outsourcing works

There’s always a bit of apprehension when trying something new. As a kid, it may have been moving to a bigger climbing frame or jumping off something higher and in business it’s exactly the same. It’s the fear of the unknown. When you’re unsure what the outcome is going to be, there’s going to be Read More