Planet Aexus – Germany

Even Germany’s recent history shows they had been struggling for a unified identity for a long time. Prior to this they had been involved in a series of politically and religiously motivated wars, so it wasn’t until 1871 that this disparate set of states and territories became unified by Prussia’s [...]

Planet Aexus – France

West Francia became France after expanding its territory under the reign of King Hugh Capet in 987. Wars quickly followed, including The Hundred Years War, which was one of many wars against the English. On the home front, French royal power reached its peak with the reign of Louis XIV [...]

Planet Aexus – Finland

Until the 12th century, Finland was a political vacuum but both its neighbours, Sweden to the west and Russia to the east were interested in taking over. Sweden was the more dominant power as the peace treaty of 1323 shows. This gave only an assigned portion of eastern Finland to [...]

Aexus’ Expert Guide to International Business Development

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, ambitious tech and software companies are constantly seeking to expand their global presence. However, venturing into new international markets can be a daunting task, fraught with challenges and uncertainties. This is where Aexus steps in as a trusted partner, helping innovative tech firms extend [...]

Planet Aexus – Denmark

Denmark is known as the home of the Vikings who ruled from about 800 – 1050 AD. The Vikings were excellent sailors and shipbuilders and known for invading other countries. They controlled parts of England and France in the 11th century. During the reign of King Harald Bluetooth, the Danes [...]

Planet Aexus – Czech Republic

Czechoslovakia was formed in 1918 at the end of the First World War from several provinces of the collapsing Austro-Hungarian empire.And, between the wars, it became the most prosperous and politically stable state in eastern Europe until it was occupied by Germany in 1938. After the Second World War, Czechoslovakia [...]

Planet Aexus – China

China was ruled by various dynasties for much of its history but the most influential was the Han Dynasty which laid the foundations for the culture we know today. Later famous dynasties, like the Song and the Tang, continued to refine the culture and bring new innovations to the world [...]

Planet Aexus – Brazil

Until the arrival of the Europeans, Brazil was settled by stone-age tribes. When the Portuguese arrived in 1500, Pedro Alvares Cabral claimed the land for Portugal and the first settlement was founded in 1532. The primary export was sugar and Brazil continued to expand through wars and battles. The Portuguese [...]

Inbound Marketing & How It Could Work For You

When you’re launching a product or service, advertising on the biggest mediums like television and radio might seem like the best idea. You might suppose that if you make a big enough splash, everyone will know who you are and the sales will come rolling in. That’s not strictly speaking [...]

Planet Aexus – Belgium

Belgium was originally part of Gaul and like the rest of Europe was conquered and occupied by the Romans. During the late Middle Ages, Flanders’ trading towns (notably Ghent, Bruges and Ypres) exported woollen goods, making the area one of the richest and most urbanised parts of Europe. As a [...]