How to develop a sales strategy for a scale up in tech industry

When entering a new market, you will need a sales strategy because the conditions and ways of doing business in the new territory will not necessarily be the same as in your home country. There are several steps to developing a sales process for a scale-up in the tech industry. You may even find more Read More

How to develop a market entry strategy for the German market

Germany is generally considered as an appealing country to enter: the country has great opportunities due to the large market and economy and high purchasing power parity (PPP). The rewards for making it in the German market are there for all to see but it is certainly not easy, as the market is also very Read More

Inbound marketing: 5 step guide how to create a content strategy

Inbound marketing is a great marketing strategy to generate new leads online based on a web search. The essence of inbound marketing is to tie the potential customer to your brand and offering from the beginning of the buyer journey and provide content to support the decision. This can be done by educating the buyer Read More

How to ensure fast market entry with an outsourcing agency

Scaling up your business internationally is not an easy task. For a start, you can’t rely on the business model that made you successful at home. In fact, it’s essential that you are able to adapt and remain agile as you navigate your new course. There are many new challenges that you have not had Read More

Market segmentation and buyer persona development guide

Marketing segmentation can be summed up fantastically by a single anonymous quote, “Why do we need Market Segmentation? The answer is quite simple. You can’t wear size 6 shoes if your feet are a size 9. Everyone has different needs.” This is of course only a summation so let’s delve a little deeper into what Read More

4 key takeaways from the talk show discussion on B2B SaaS sales [video]

How to start a business in a new territory? Many companies are successful in their home territory and perhaps have received some venture capital to scale fast. They will also have ambitious plans for growth in the coming years. How you do that however is an entirely different proposition.

What is inbound marketing and why should you invest in it? [infographic]

By and large, people don’t like to be sold to. They want to be part of the process for sure, but on their terms. That means that in the first instance they’re only looking for information and with the internet, there’s information everywhere. You can not only find what you’re looking for but compare it Read More

Health tech trends: Data health and the rise of AI

Digital transformation in health tech These days, most people are used to managing things like their bank account and utility suppliers over their smartphones. The healthcare sector on the other hand has been slow to adopt this approach but is now catching up and this can be seen in areas like patient registration, patient data Read More

Why the Netherlands is a perfect new market for tech scale-ups

From innovation to creativity and infrastructure to entrepreneurship, the Netherlands has it all and that’s not just an opinion. In fact, Forbes ranks the Netherlands in the top five countries where it’s best to do business. Obviously, we’re flattered but to further illuminate the reasons why we wanted to speak to someone who lives this Read More

Why should scale-ups outsource international sales?

When we started Aexus, in the year 2000, outsourcing new market development activities wasn’t very common. And although the concept is still relatively new to many organizations, the model of working with a specialized, professional partner for international sales and business acceleration is swiftly gaining popularity.