Sales outsourcing for fintech companies: reach new borders

Fintech companies: scaling in a tech-driven world with sales

A key area of our expertise is the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector. In today’s digital age, technology plays a crucial role in enhancing services across all financial areas, whether it’s through physical interactions or online platforms. By leveraging sales outsourcing for fintech, Aexus is perfectly positioned to boost your business, helping not just customers and banks but also insurers and financial service providers to thrive in an increasingly tech-driven world.

Over the past years, Aexus has been working with a wide variety of partners that are focusing on and active in the Banking, Finance, and Insurance domains. With solutions ranging from compliance management and fraud detection software to payment applications, core banking systems, and solutions for analytics, risk, and regulatory reporting to IT and cybersecurity offerings—all specifically developed for the (online) BFSI sector—it is fair to say that Aexus has its own expertise in this area. 

International growth with sales outsourcing

To support fintech companies in achieving international growth, you have to be well-equipped. Deep understanding of global markets, combined with strategic sales outsourcing, enables fintech companies to expand their reach. To do so effectively and efficiently, tapping into new markets and growing worldwide. This global growth is essential as fintech companies strive to meet increasing demand and compete on an international scale.

Do fintech companies benefit from sales outsourcing? 

Absolutely. We excel in working with fintech firms of all sizes, particularly those looking to break into new markets. Our services are ideally suited for companies seeking to leverage external sales expertise without the financial burden of expanding their internal teams. By partnering with Aexus, fintech companies can effectively broaden their market reach while staying focused on their core objectives.

We’re committed to supporting your fintech company’s global growth by managing every aspect of the sales process for you. Our services extend beyond merely planning your market entry; we actively engage in identifying potential clients, conducting sales discussions, closing deals, and fostering customer relationships.