A strategic approach to SaaS sales outsourcing

SaaS companies are continuously searching for strategies to enhance their sales effectiveness and market reach. One effective strategy is SaaS sales outsourcing, an approach where businesses collaborate with third-party organizations to leverage their expertise in sales. This blog is about outsourcing sales helps SaaS companies.

How SaaS sales outsourcing could save you money over an in-house team

  • Cost efficiency: building and maintaining an in-house sales team involves significant expenses, including salaries, training, benefits, and infrastructure. Outsourcing eliminates many of these costs, offering a more cost-effective solution that allows companies to pay primarily for results.
  • Flexibility: outsourced sales teams can quickly adapt to changing business needs, scaling up or down as required. This flexibility is important for SaaS companies looking to expand into new markets.
  • Expertise: outsourcing firms provide access to sales professionals who are experts in specific markets and industries. Bringing knowledge and experience in multiple sectors and technologies is important for us.
  • Faster market entry: with networks and market insights, outsourced teams can accelerate time-to-market for SaaS products.
  • Focus on core business: outsourcing sales allows a SaaS company to focus on what they do best—developing and enhancing their software. By delegating sales responsibilities, companies can allocate more resources towards product development and customer service.

What does an outsourced sales team do for SaaS companies?

Outsourced sales teams undertake a range of activities tailored to the SaaS model. These include lead generation, prospecting and closing deals. They are adept at handling the full sales cycle or specific parts of it. These are some things to consider:

  • Understand the SaaS business model and its unique sales challenges, including subscription management, customer retention, and upselling.
  • Employ the latest tools and techniques, such as CRM systems and analytics, to optimize the sales process and improve conversions.
  • With global networks and local insights, we help SaaS companies penetrate new geographical markets more effectively than an in-house team.
  • Risk reduction: outsourcing sales reduces the risk associated with expanding sales operations.

For SaaS companies aiming to expand their reach while staying lean, sales outsourcing offers a compelling solution. It combines cost-efficiency with access to specialized expertise and quick market penetration. As the SaaS market becomes increasingly competitive, partnering with an experienced sales outsourcing agency can provide the edge needed to thrive in this dynamic industry.

“Aexus was able to get us in contact with relevant prospects in a new market within a short period of time.”

The role of a SaaS sales agency

We work on partner projects and assignments as a team. Multiple people, with various backgrounds and different fields of relevant expertise, are made aware of the vendor’s solutions. Therefore, the success of the collaboration is not dependent on one person; it is a constant team effort.

When outsourcing sales for your Saas company, this will be the team:

  • Business Development Manager: Manages and drives the sales processes, handles sales cycles, organizes meetings, answers questions, provides performance reports, and keeps you updated.
  • Support Role: Supports the key Business Development Manager and takes over as the primary contact when necessary.
  • Sales Director: Oversees the sales process, provides strategic advice, coordinates resources, verifies reporting formats, and assists with larger deals. The Sales Director ensures that the entire Aexus team’s contacts and relationships are leveraged effectively.
  • Research and Intelligence: Obtains background information on leads, provides necessary input before meetings, and gathers business intelligence, including market developments and organizational structures.

In this sales approach, we will take the following steps:

  1. Determine prospect approach: This crucial phase involves extensive preparation and attention, determining a specific approach for each company based on industry knowledge and insights into personal challenges within the organization.
  2. Shortlist companies: Identifying companies that match the typical customer profile, verifying ongoing tenders or RFP processes, and initiating the sales process to align with company technology roadmaps.
  3. Initiate sales cycles: Conduct presentations and discussions about technical and commercial feasibility with relevant departments.
  4. Create mutual work document: If an agreement is reached, a document outlining the project scope is signed, which may include a trial or Proof of Concept.
  5. Start trials and proposals: Begin small-scale projects to test vendor capabilities, leading to larger scale projects if successful.
  6. Sign framework agreement: Actively manage the account relationship to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers, leveraging Aexus’ familiarity with internal customer procedures.

SaaS companies aiming to expand their reach while staying lean, sales outsourcing offers a compelling solution. As the SaaS market becomes increasingly competitive, partnering with an experienced sales outsourcing agency could provide the edge needed to thrive in your industry.

We helped hundreds of tech companies, service providers and software vendors to expand their sales on the European, American and Asian markets. Explore our sales outsourcing case studies to learn how we assisted these partners in achieving their goals!

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