Inbound Marketing & How It Could Work For You

When you’re launching a product or service, advertising on the biggest mediums like television and radio might seem like the best idea. You might suppose that if you make a big enough splash, everyone will know who you are and the sales will come rolling in. That’s not strictly speaking [...]

How to get to Number 1 on Google

Google is the number one search engine in the world and it can seriously drive traffic to your site if you rank highly enough on it. Not only will this improve your online visibility but your business will also get a credibility boost and don’t forget that more site visitors [...]

What is a brand and why is it valuable?

Having a product or a service is all well and good but that alone does not resonate with potential customers. On the other hand though, if you were to develop a brand around the product or service, that would be an important step in the right direction. The difference here [...]

Why selecting a niche focused marketing agency is your best choice

At Aexus Inbound Marketing, we are not for everyone. There are many things we don’t do. We don’t provide our services to car manufacturers, food companies, pharmaceuticals or logistics organizations. Nor do we assist night clubs, rock bands or hamburger chains. Not because we don’t like them (in fact … [...]

What is Telemarketing and why might it be right for me?

Telemarketing has suffered from a bad reputation. It is often considered that telemarketers make mass calls to uninterested people, annoying them in the process and giving your company a bad name. That is not the case now though and these bad practices have been stamped out of the industry by [...]

Why branding matters

Your brand is more than a name associated with your product or service. It develops a clearly defined personality in the mind of your consumers. Even if customers have not bought from you yet, having a brand makes your more saleable as you are more than just your product; you [...]

Inbound marketing: 5 step guide how to create a content strategy

Inbound marketing is a great marketing strategy to generate new leads online based on a web search. The essence of inbound marketing is to tie the potential customer to your brand and offering from the beginning of the buyer journey and provide content to support the decision. This can be [...]

Market segmentation and buyer persona development guide

Marketing segmentation can be summed up fantastically by a single anonymous quote, “Why do we need Market Segmentation? The answer is quite simple. You can’t wear size 6 shoes if your feet are a size 9. Everyone has different needs.” This is of course only a summation so let’s delve [...]

What is inbound marketing and why should you invest in it? [infographic]

By and large, people don’t like to be sold to. They want to be part of the process for sure, but on their terms. That means that in the first instance they’re only looking for information and with the internet, there’s information everywhere. You can not only find what you’re [...]

Why you should combine inbound marketing and outbound sales

In recent years, the popularity of inbound marketing has soared. This is understandable: inbound has many benefits. However, this does not mean outbound sales are completely over. On the contrary: by combining both techniques, you will be able to achieve even greater results.

Proven results

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