Why selecting a niche focused marketing agency is your best choice

At Aexus Inbound Marketing, we are not for everyone. There are many things we don’t do. We don’t provide our services to car manufacturers, food companies, pharmaceuticals or logistics organizations. Nor do we assist night clubs, rock bands or hamburger chains. Not because we don’t like them (in fact … well, let’s not get there ..), but simply because we don’t have the proper background, knowledge and experience to make a difference. We are new media people. Software geeks. Enthusiasts for innovative or even disruptive technologies. All new technologies?  Not really.  We are particularly strong in the B2B software field, leveraging our 22+ years of experience in marketing software to enterprises in Europe. We’d like to think of ourselves as the go-to inbound marketing agency for B2B oriented software companies looking to conquer Europe. 

So why did we choose to do so? Aren’t we limiting ourselves?  Aren’t we missing out on a lot of opportunities? Maybe. But honestly, we feel there is no other way. This blog post sets out why we took this route and also explains why is it probably a very good idea for you to select a marketing agency with a strong industry focus. Like us. 

Shorter ramp up time

By working with an agency that understands your business, the amount of time that can be saved on ramping up and knowledge transfer is tremendous. An agency that has a track record in your specific market will understand the business benefits of your offering and will know how your product or service compares to other players in the market. A good look at your website will help them to understand the main business drivers of your solution and a 30 minute presentation will be sufficient for them to understand where your product or service sits in the value chain. As a result, you can get down to business almost immediately. Marketing budget that would have been spent on educating your agency can now be spent on activities with a clear ROI. 

Higher quality content

Inbound marketing revolves around creating good quality content which is hyper-relevant for your buyer persona. Your organization wishes to build credibility and strives to be perceived as a trustworthy partner, aiming to provide reliable and interesting information for your target audience. The key to achieving this is great content. Content which stands out, is educational, meaningful, sometimes funny, but always insightful and relevant. And which helps to position you as a thought leader. Let’s use a euphemism here: chances of achieving this with a newbie are slim. You need the experts. If you’re selling flowers or fish, that’s not us. But if you’re in software or tech, give us a call. ‘Cause that’s all we do: inbound marketing for software companies in Europe. And we have become quite good at it. 

Distribute content more effectively and efficiently

It is one thing to create good, hyper relevant content. But to make sure it’s actually read by your target audience is quite another. The content which you and your agency have worked on so hard deserves to be seen, read, listened to. In order to facilitate this, implementing the right content distribution strategy is crucial. An agency that is new to your business will have to build its knowledge on what works and what doesn’t from scratch. An agency with an industry focus will know which social channels work for which types of information and for which target audience. Also, they will understand which timings are good for releasing specific content in the light of industry-specific events. They will have direct access to the main (online and offline) magazines, have close ties with the better and lesser known bloggers and journalists and will know the going rates if you decide to spend some money on advertising. Don’t waste time and money on an agency that wishes to please all. You’re much too special for that. Work with the experts. If you’re in software, that’s us. Aexus Inbound – inbound marketing for software companies (.. and a bit of tech …).

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