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What’s going on in agri-tech?

Everyone, even from school age knows a little about agriculture. Agriculture is what feeds and sustains us. It is actually, the ‘bread basket’ to many economies around the world and far too big a sector for the tech companies that we work with to ignore. There are many benefits from [...]

A colleague in the spotlight: Roel Evers

While you can find our entire team on this website, we think those short biographies don’t do them justice. This month’s colleague in the spotlight: Roel Evers! Roel’s a commercial director at Aexus, which means he works with the entire team of sales managers, business development managers, sales execs, SDRs [...]

Five trends in retail tech

Retail has seen a remarkable transition in the last 50 years. From local family-run shops in your neighborhood to global superstores, the pace of change has been relentless. But who is leading this change? Is it the retailers who want to show off their wares in the most spectacular manner [...]

How to develop a market entry strategy for the German market

Germany is generally considered as an appealing country to enter: the country has great opportunities due to the large market and economy and high purchasing power parity (PPP). The rewards for making it in the German market are there for all to see but it is certainly not easy, as [...]

How to ensure fast market entry with an outsourcing agency

Scaling up your business internationally is not an easy task. For a start, you can’t rely on the business model that made you successful at home. In fact, it’s essential that you are able to adapt and remain agile as you navigate your new course. There are many new challenges [...]

Market segmentation and buyer persona development guide

Marketing segmentation can be summed up fantastically by a single anonymous quote, “Why do we need Market Segmentation? The answer is quite simple. You can’t wear size 6 shoes if your feet are a size 9. Everyone has different needs.” This is of course only a summation so let’s delve [...]

Why the Netherlands is a perfect new market for tech scale-ups

From innovation to creativity and infrastructure to entrepreneurship, the Netherlands has it all and that’s not just an opinion. In fact, Forbes ranks the Netherlands in the top five countries where it’s best to do business. Obviously, we’re flattered but to further illuminate the reasons why we wanted to speak [...]

Proven results

Our executives are highly experienced sales professionals, with a proven track record in the European, American and Asian telecom, IT, internet and cloud markets. We helped hundreds of tech companies, service providers and software vendors to expand their sales on the European, American and Asian markets. Explore our sales outsourcing case studies to learn how we assisted these partners in achieving their goals!