Saving tech to save the planet

At the heart of Aexus’ corporate and social responsibility policy is a commitment to protecting the environment. That doesn’t just mean recycling as much as we can while trying to drive down our carbon footprint, it actually extends to proactively partnering with companies that have the same values as us. One such company is Techsave.  

What Techsave does is bring liquid-damaged technology back to life in the most sustainable way possible. There are a number of ways that they make this happen from reducing e-waste, cutting energy consumption and preventing CO2 emissions.

E-waste Techsave x Aexus

Extend the life of every device

From a sustainability point of view, Techsave works on three pillars. Firstly, they have a circular business strategy, which aims to extend the life of every device. Using a patented process and a special Nordic Swan Eco-labelled soap, they are making huge strides in producing cleaner waste.

Refurbished products

Secondly, on the rare occasions where a device can’t be restored, the critical components are removed and reused in refurbished products. The reason this is important beyond the recycling aspect is because the extraction and processing of the raw materials in a device can cause significant environmental damage through CO2 emissions.

Recycling devices Techsave x Aexus

Reducing e-waste

Thirdly, Techsave have been at the forefront of reducing e-waste. In fact, since 2007 they have restored and extended the life of more than 25,000 devices saving the environment from between 60-400 kg CO2 emissions per unit.

Certified as environmentally friendly

What’s more, Techsave are actually certified as environmentally friendly by the Nordic Swan Eco-label. This means that Techsave and their partners must meet a strict set of criteria to retain this status but it does serve as an assurance that they are conducting their business in the most sustainable way possible.

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