Partnering with Aexus

Aexus was founded with a very simple premise – to make technology companies successful and that is exactly what we’ve been doing since 2000. For example, if you’re a software start-up that’s looking to scale we can help you do that whether you’re looking to scale in Europe, the Americas or in the Asia Pacific region. With such a wide scope of operations, we can give you a wealth of opportunities in some of the biggest tech markets in the world. Now that the corporate spiel is out of the way, what does it really mean to partner with Aexus? With Aexus, you’ll get:

An immediate local presence

Our sales outsourcing professionals are already on the ground in the territory you want to scale to. Not only do they speak the local language but also understand the culture and the business nuances that can make all the difference in a new area. On top of this, they’re already working in the tech market every day, rich vein of contacts to tap into to put your company in front of the people you need to be talking to. 

Direct Sales

We can actually help you to build your business from scratch in any new territory. What’s more, our people work to proven methodologies, are data driven and work with all the latest tools and technologies in order to streamline their activities. Our sales development team uses a wide variety of reach out methods from phone calls to emails and social media to attending events and exhibitions. By covering all these bases, we can give your sales development the boost it needs.  

Channel Development

Aexus are the ideal partner for your channel development activities. We know that identifying promising prospect partners and signing partnership agreements with these sales channels is only the beginning of the channel development process. The ultimate aim of course is to turn these engagements into revenue generating, profitable arrangements. This is why our approach will always combine direct sales and lead generation activities, which will help to get deals with newly signed channels more quickly. 

Low risk investment

By working with Aexus, you’ll be able to start your operations in a new territory at a fraction of the cost of setting up on your own. We are ready to start business development and sales activities for your company at a moments notice and this gives you a fantastic opportunity test the market. This allows you to see the appetite for your solution in your chosen market. In this way you can hold off on more sizeable investment in the new territory until you are more established in the market. This practically eliminates risk while allowing you to benefit from maximum returns.

Proven results

Our experienced sales development professionals have a proven track record across the European, US, Latin American and Asia-Pacific markets. In fact, we’ve helped hundreds of tech companies, service providers and software vendors to expand their sales and conquer new markets. Click on the links below to access our sales outsourcing case studies and see how we helped our partners achieve their goals.