Diversity in the workplace

How do we define diversity?

Diversity in the workplace is a topic which has never been more relevant in the history of business than it is today. Potential recruits are demanding that the companies they could end up working for are diverse and inclusive. But, how do we define diversity? To be specific, a diverse workplace is one where inclusion is promoted and there are equal opportunities for all employees regardless of age, gender, race, religious beliefs, ethnicity and sexual orientation. 

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Best people for the job

There are a number of countries who have actually legislated for diversity and inclusion by legally obliging the employer to put in place measures to overcome employment disadvantage and discrimination in the workplace. This includes valuing workplace diversity and ensuring that a workplace is free from racial and sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying. This is something that at Aexus we have never had to worry about. As an international company we have employees from all over the world who were hired because they were the best people for the job. Doesn’t matter to us how old they are, what gender, nor their race or creed. So, we are not diverse because we are trying to latch on to a trend, we are diverse by nature and the reason we don’t necessarily talk about diversity and inclusion all the time is because to us it’s just normal. 

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Disrupt traditional thinking

What’s more, there are some real benefits to having a diverse workforce. First of all, a diverse workforce allows for more creativity and ideas. The more different experiences and expertise that employees can bring, the more potential they have to disrupt traditional thinking and introduce a wealth of new ideas.

Secondly, a diverse workforce can improve cultural awareness. In an increasingly global marketplace it is important to be able to understand different cultures and if you have someone in your team who natively has the culture of those you’re trying to strike a deal with, then the rapport could give you a serious business advantage.   

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Treat employees fairly

Lastly, a company can gain a positive reputation for having a diverse workplace. Companies that have a diverse workplace are often perceived as better employers and potential employees want an employer who accepts and is tolerant of all backgrounds and who treats their employees fairly. On top of this, consumers also like to align themselves to companies who share their values, so that it something to bear in mind.

If you’d like to talk to us about diversity, inclusion and opportunities at Aexus, get in touch. We’re always happy to jump on a call.