Helping to stamp out the carbon footprint one building at a time

As is already well known, Aexus take their environmental responsibilities very seriously. In fact, that is one of the reasons why we want to partner with companies with the same values as us at their heart. One such company that is championing this cause is Nuuka Solutions.

Less impact on the environment

What Nuuka does is help you turn your building portfolio into healthy and flexible buildings that are remotely controlled, have an optimal indoor climate, consume less energy, and are good for the environment. If you can proactively manage and maintain your buildings, you have less impact on the environment and more impact on your bottom line.

Nuuka Aexus Sustainability

Reduce your energy costs

This is not necessarily a new concept. The idea of managing a property to its maximum potential has been around for years, but today the need is alarming. Recently, the EU introduced a new climate change plan that adds the need for energy-efficient buildings in the future. With Nuuka, building operators and owners can make this a reality. By connecting your buildings to Nuuka’s open real-time data platform, you will be able to take control of control of your energy consumption, CO2 emissions, indoor climate, and HVAC functions. You will also be able to substantially reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions without compromising indoor conditions. On top of this, you can remotely control your buildings, run a more proactive Facility Management, and reduce the risk of costly renovations. Your administration and the entire organization will work more efficiently – especially in times of new normal. Last but not least, your property value will increase!

Elevate your brand

Not only is this a genuinely practical solution to building management, but it also offers an environmentally aware option to something, which has often been ignored. With greater control over how and where (and when) your energy is spent, you can be more environmentally conscious, be able to reduce your carbon footprint, and as a consequence, you can elevate your brand and be more attractive to current and potential new clients.

To find out more about Nuuka, please visit Nuuka and remember to follow Aexus to keep up-to-date with tech and sustainability news.

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