Colleague in the Spotlight: Frederik Peters

While you can find our entire team on this website, we think those short biographies don’t do them justice. This month’s colleague in the spotlight: Frederik Peters!

What did you before you started at Aexus?
‘Many things! Directly after graduating, I started at Rabobank Netherlands, helping with the settlement of the so-called “woekerpolis” affair. After that, I moved to and helped reorganize a bailiff’s office. I really liked the work, so when the reorganization was complete, I started my own credit management business. Although I loved the work, I decided to sell the company after five years and start working in a completely different sector: IT.’

Why did you decide on IT?
‘I’ve always had an interest in innovative technology, so when I had the chance to work at a company developing software for local municipalities, I went ahead and took it. For three years, I did all sorts of things: I worked as a commercial manager and was responsible for process automation. But I also dreamt up new ideas for applications with the product manager and marketed those. After three years, I crossed paths with Aexus.’

How did that happen?
‘LinkedIn notified me of a job opening at Aexus. I did not now the company at the time, but when I read the description, it immediately sparked my interest: I have always loved new business more than existing business. At Aexus, I would have the opportunity to work with companies that have a brilliant idea and help them grow it into a profitable business. I had never imagined there would be a company doing this as its core business. After drinking a cup of coffee with their recruiter, I knew I had to do it.”

What were your first impressions of the company like?
‘I needed some time to adjust. The company I worked before was really organized – one big CRM machine, whereas at Aexus I had to start all over again. Which, at the same time, was really exciting, because it allowed me to grow really fast. After three weeks, I was up to speed and saw how I would be able to build things from scratch again and again. While it was going to be challenging, I also saw I was allowed to do things my way and be in control of my job. Moreover, because everyone is doing the same work, there is a lot of knowledge sharing. People are really helping each other to achieve great results.’

What does a typical day at Aexus look like?
‘As a Business Development Manager, I am managing three partners at once. That can be a lot, if you do not have a structure in place. I therefore divide my weekly schedule in different blocks for each partner. But I also make sure I am not managing all day long. Because if you want to, you can – without ever speaking to prospects. I normally start early, somewhere around 8 am, reading e-mails, looking at what’s new and could be interesting for my partners. From 9 till 11 am, I am usually following up on prospects. I am most productive in the morning, so I save update calls with partners or colleagues for the afternoon.’

What are the things you like most about Aexus?
‘That we are allowed to work from any place we want. Which, in my case, means from home, because I need to be in a certain flow without distractions. However, I make sure to come to the office at least once a week, because I also want to stay connected to my colleagues. I like to see how they are progressing, and learn from them. That’s another thing: everyone at Aexus is an entrepreneur. We do not like long procedures: instead, we hit the ground running and make things work.’

How do you combine your job at Aexus with your activities as a member of the provincial council?
‘I have been combining local governmental work with my job since 2010. Again, I think structure is very important. Currently I am working four days per week at Aexus, which leaves one day for the provincial council. That way, I can make sure things never get in each other’s way. What’s more, wearing two hats has turned out to be very useful: I can advise the council on interesting new technologies, and at the same time am able to explain to my colleagues at Aexus how governmental processes and procurement works.’

Do you have any plans for the future?
‘I hope to turn Aexus into the de facto party that governments turn to for innovation. We are already doing a good job here, but I believe we can do even better. It would be great to, somewhere in the future, be present at a conference for local councils and show them new technologies, demonstrate what these can do for them, and inspire them.’