Covr and Aexus: raising awareness about digital identification needs

At Aexus, we make innovative technology companies successful. We extend their reach into Europe by providing, among others, expert sales and business development support. Which, as our partnership with Covr Security shows, can also entail raising awareness, about digital identification.

Covr’s prime focus is on three-factor two-way authentication and multi-factor-authorization allowing organizations to offer their users a safe way of authenticating themselves and authorizing transactions or processes via an app on their smartphones. As such, it is a unique solution that can be applied by banks, online stores, telco’s, utilities, large enterprises and many other parties. While Covr has partnered with us to find leads in (primarily) the banking industry, we thought it would be interesting to have Covr share its knowledge as well.

Before he founded Covr Security and became its CIO, Peter Alexanderson saw the need to remove passwords as a means of authentication, specifically in mobile banking. Subsequently, he was instrumental in the inception of Mobilt BankID, the Swedish national standard for mobile and online digital identification with a 98% adoption rate and 7.5 million users. He is one of the absolute experts in the field, and as such is participating at two important events for the Central-European dynamic fintech sector.


Digital identification

At the Fintech Summit in Bratislava, Slovakia, Peter will be speaking at a round table focused on risk management in the digital age, showcasing Insights from the digital mature Swedish market and trends in digital identification. At the E-Government conferencein Mikulov, Czechia, Covr will be present on the main conference day, speaking about trends in digital authorization, the benefits of BankID, and share knowledge from Scandinavian and international projects connected to national digital identities.

This way, Covr is able to not only raise awareness about needs for digital identity and share its knowledge, but also position itself as a thought leader in its field, digital identification. In our experience, this really helps our joint business development efforts.

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