Exponential organizations inspire tech scale ups to outsource sales

Tech & software businesses are amazing at developing innovative, groundbreaking software, but selling it is truly a different skill. Although it is common to outsource other things, businesses don’t often outsource sales. However, exponential organisations are doing exactly that.

6 steps from initial selection to actual sales activities

We are often asked which steps we are taking when engaging with a new partner. How do we verify if a specific solution or technology is a good fit for the markets where we are active? How can we optimize the sales activities with and for our partner?

3 quick sales tips for any company within the tech & IT industry

Reevaluating your sales strategy on a regular base is crucial if you want to stay consistent and actively keep on generating business and closing new deals. We’ll give you three quick sales tips that will help any company within the tech & IT industry to keep (or achieve) an advantageous position.

How to identify the decision maker in the sales process

When it comes to closing deals, it’s important to know if you are talking to a decision maker or not. Identifying who’s the person in charge can be a bit of a challenge. So how do you identify the ultimate decision maker for your product or service?

How to formulate a Unique Selling Proposition for your solution

A Unique Selling Proposition is a short statement that summarizes your company or software solution’s distinctive character. The USP should be the answer to the question: What makes your software solution or service so different from that of your competitors?

3 marketing strategies for start ups in the technology & IT industry

Marketers get in touch with potential clients way before sales reps do. That does not mean marketers are able to sell a product, but it does mean that it is time to start working together in a clever win-win kind of way. Are you ready to rethink your marketing strategies and [...]

10 questions to ask when selecting your sales outsourcing partner

Selecting the right partner for your market development activities is not easy. Sales and business development activities in a new territory are of strategic importance to your organization. Therefore, a sales outsourcing partner must be selected wisely and carefully. Here’s a list of questions.

Why your European market entry strategy should start in the North

“The European market” does not exist. Europe is a motley collection of countries and states, each with their own culture, language, history and oddities. For software and tech companies it is often difficult to determine where to begin. So what should be the starting point of your European market entry strategy?

Expanding into international markets? 6 things to check!

Expanding into international markets? Going abroad with your business and finding clients outside of your home market can be challenging. This checklist helps you to assess whether your company is ready to start up activities in new, uncharted territories.

Video: expanding your international business

You want to grow your company’s business and accelerate sales. Not just in your home market, but internationally. Where you and your executives don’t know the culture or language. And where you don’t have existing customers or even contacts yet.