3 quick sales tips for any company within the tech & IT industry

Reevaluating your sales strategy on a regular base is crucial if you want to stay consistent and actively keep on generating business and closing new deals. We’ll give you three quick sales tips that will help any company within the tech & IT industry to keep (or achieve) an advantageous position.

1. Know your audience & find out what they actually want

Although we all know the message ‘customer is king’, throughout the years we have drifted away from the core of this message. Because who is your king? And what would he or she needs to feel a king (or queen)? Getting to know your audience is crucial, and the way you communicate to them too. Why? By now the purchasing process has changed so much that your target audience needs to come first at all times. They no longer want to hear what you have to tell (or sell), they immediately want to know what’s in it for them. So, take your time and think about who your ideal customer is. What issues are they dealing with? What drives them? How do they make decisions? Doing this will not only help you get an insight to who you are talking to when selling your product or service, it’ll give your company crucial insights to where and how to reach it’s target audience.

2. Know your competition

Competing for business can be challeging tough. If you know the area(s) your company provides more value over your competition, it will give you a direct insight to what your biggest selling point might be. And you do not want to ignore that because for your customers this will be one of the most powerful reasons to choose your company’s product or service. Dive in, do your research, get to know your competition and formulate a powerful USP.

3. Provide a unique solution

Besides formulating USP’s for your company you should consider formulating the USP’s of your specific service or solution. This will set your solution apart from your competitors. Do you offer the exact same product as your competitor? If you are the cheapest provider, you’re lucky. But you’re probably not. So it is time to look for ways that will differentiate your solution from the competition. Remember the ‘customer is king’ part! That is right: take your prospects in mind and try to formulate a USP in which the uniqueness of the solution you provide should be of value to your prospect. Be aware: adding value to the prospect is crucial. Just being unique is worthless if it doesn’t serve a goal.

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Solid foundation

If you blend these tips with your existing strategy you’ll be on your way to a more solid foundation for your sales activities. Remember to reevaluate your strategy regularly and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you have any questions. We’re happy to help you out!

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