INNOSYSTEC works with Aexus on further expansion in Europe

INNOSYSTEC, a global leader in solutions for the preparation and analysis of source independent mass data feeds, is joining forces with Aexus, a leading European business development agency, to expand its business in Europe. Aexus will help facilitate a rapid, effective and efficient expansion of INNOSYSTEC’s business, primarily on the public sector: while INNOSYSTEC is already successful in that area, the company is hoping to expand its presence even further.

1551187749-inno_Logo_CMYKINNOSYSTEC’s solutions offer a wide spectrum of functionalities for Big Data processing, combining different sources of information. Their design enables flexible arrangements of individual workplaces and workflows, in order to adapt them to customer’s individual structures and modes of operation. The company has long-standing experience in business and has proved to be a reliable partner for customers worldwide. Its mutually designed solutions help clients manage their current and future challenges and ensures their success.

The right company to help us on our mission

INNOSYSTEC’s Chief Sales Officer and Boardmember, Axel Möhring, who signed the agreement with Aexus, sees lots of opportunities for the company. “Our tailor-made system solutions are developed by high qualified teams. Using an interactive agile development process – involving users and planners – we achieved a high adaption to customer requirements. We make the world a bit safer!” Möhring is looking forward to the partnership: “We believe many authorities will be able to benefit from our approach, and that Aexus, which has proven itself as a successful outsourced organization many times over, is the right company to help us on our mission.”

Founder, co-owner and CEO of Aexus, Chris Gerretsen, is very happy to add INNOSYSTEC’s offering to Aexus’ portfolio. “INNOSYSTEC has a lot of experience in technology and innovation but at the same time does not forget it is all about the people using the solution, and putting their wishes into practice. At Aexus, we believe this is vital, and we are very much looking forward to helping INNOSYSTEC expand its business on the European market even further.