8 Misconceptions About Outsourcing

In the course of our business, we quite often run into a situation where a company is in a position to scale but wants to handle the entire move by themselves. This means they’ll have to get an office, hire local salespeople and give them time to become successful as well as deal with new laws and taxes. Throw a new language and a different business culture into the mix and it could be months and months before they even break even, let alone turn a profit. Now, even if you take big egos into consideration, this still makes no sense. The obvious, more cost-effective and less risky answer is to outsource. Yet, simply mentioning the word outsourcing can gives some business owners palpitations.

Outsourcing as both a concept and a practice has been around for a long time. It’s not even complicated, it’s just a third party providing services for a client. So why is there so much myth and mystery around outsourcing? Take a look below as we tackle some of the biggest misconceptions head on.

Outsourced staff don’t have the right knowledge

Actually, all of our SDRs are extremely knowledgeable about tech and as they work with technology companies every day, that knowledge is always is expanding. Plus, during the onboarding phase, we will insist on a full product or service rundown before any outreach takes place.

Once outsourcing starts, you have no control

This is not true at all and our SDRs are actually experts in writing reports meaning that you are in full control of any decisions that need to be made. On top of this, our flexibility means that we can react quickly to any changes you wish to make whether that’s adding to the team, reducing the team or assigning the team to different tasks.

Only big companies outsource

This one is genuinely funny given that our entire business is based on making start-ups and scaleups more successful. As such, the majority of our partners have companies that have minimal staff and the ones they do have are focussed on making the technology the best it can be.

Outsourcing puts you company’s security at risk

In our business, your reputation for integrity needs to be impeccable or you don’t stay in business for very long. For what it’s worth, Aexus was founded in 2000. On top of this, we don’t just sign non-disclosure agreements, we insist on them. And, we treat the security of your data as importantly as we do our own.

Outsourcing delivers low-quality results

Our record stands for itself and stands up extremely well to scrutiny. Our SDRs have been very successful over the years and that’s because they are highly trained and use a wide variety of tools and the latest technologies for testing, measuring and optimising to make your outreach is as effective as possible.

In-house teams are more cost effective than outsourcing

The truth is that outsourcing is significantly more cost effective than having an in-house team. When you outsource, you save on recruiting, selection, onboarding, training and coaching your new sales employees. On top of this, you get a team of sales outsourcing professionals who are ready to hit the ground running.

Outsourcing damages your brand

When our SDRs are doing outreach for your company, the only person who knows they are not on your staff is you. And, as our SDRs are well versed in tech and can adapt their communication to speak and write in your corporate tone of voice, your prospects will never know they’re not permanent staff either, meaning that your brand is safe with us.

Outsourcing is not a long-term solution

That’s really up to you. You can have our SDRs as your whole team or add them to an existing team and should your wish to keep them on after the initial contract has expired so you can have them work on other tasks, that’s fine. And remember, long-term outsourcing is just as cost effective and risk free as short-term outsourcing.