Riverdam takes majority stake in fast-growing Aexus

Private equity investor makes largest investment to date

Amsterdam – Investment company Riverdam has taken a majority stake in Aexus, an organisation that helps innovative tech and software companies achieve international growth. Riverdam will help the management team accelerate Aexus’ expansion. Aexus’ success is already clear. In recent years, the company has recorded an average growth rate of more than 50 percent, and Aexus was named an FD Gazelle in 2021. Thanks to the cooperation with Riverdam, Aexus can now realise its growth ambitions at an even faster pace.

Aexus’ mission is to help young technology companies find their way to market and become more successful. They assist with such things as positioning, market-entry consulting, recruitment, direct sales, channel development, inbound marketing and digital marketing. The company operates in Europe, the United States and Asia with seven offices and 175 employees with 23 different nationalities.

Aexus has been around for 22 years and once started as a boutique consulting firm. Since 2017, it has reinvented itself by focusing on making innovative scale-ups more successful. In this new phase, Aexus itself took the form of a scale-up and now the timing is right for a financial partner to step in and take the company to the next stage of growth.

Chris Gerretsen, owner and founder of Aexus said, “A solid partner like Riverdam enables us to grow even faster. Through this partnership, we have gained additional capital and added strategic knowledge and experience. This is an essential contribution for international growth in particular. For example, the United States is a key growth market for us. We already have a toehold there, but now we can put more capital into accelerating growth. This acceleration of growth should ensure that our presence in the United States is as large as it is in Europe within a few years.

Derk van Wingerden, partner and co-founder of Riverdam added, “We invest in companies with the goal of taking them to the next level. We see a lot of potential in Aexus and want to take the next step in the company’s growth and success by professionalising and internationalising. Aexus is our largest participation to date and we really look forward to entering into this strategic partnership.”

About Aexus

Aexus is a sales organisation of 175 people, founded in 2000. The company makes tech and software companies successful by providing complete commercial outsourcing services in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. 

Aexus manages local business, creating its own virtual offices or acting as an agent/partner, facilitating a fast, effective and highly efficient route to market. 

About Riverdam

Riverdam is an investment company assisting SME entrepreneurs with capital, energy and confidence to realise their growth ambitions. The company serves entrepreneurs who are ready for the next step as well as entrepreneurs who want to plan for succession. 

Riverdam actively helps entrepreneurs with investments, realising acquisitions or exploring opportunities for (international) expansion. 

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