Meet Aexus at European Utility Week

November 12-14 2019, Expo Porte de Versailles Paris

On 12-14 November, European Utility Week will take place in Expo Porte de Versailles in Parijs. The event showcases expert knowledge, innovative solutions and foresight from hundreds of industry leaders, coherent with European strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply. Aexus will attend!

At Aexus, we help innovative tech and software companies extend their reach into Europe. We provide expert sales, business development and inbound marketing services. Together with us, hundreds of tech companies, service providers and software vendors, among them smart mobility providers, have already expanded their sales on the European market!

Do you want to hear from us how we do it? Please let us know, so we can schedule a meeting with you. You can reach us before, during and after the conference on +31 26 442 4423 or at We are looking forward to meeting you!