Nick Mobertz

“I like working for highly innovative clients and partners and make a difference by helping them to accelerate sales and grow their business.”

Commercial experience

Nick Mobertz entered Aexus as a Sales Support and is proud member of our Business Development team now. Nick: “After finishing my account management study back in 2010 I decided I wasn’t done yet and got a bachelor degree in management studies. After that I wanted to work in a commercial function that would match my ambitions. That’s why I applied at Aexus at the time. I wanted to obtain a stronger track record in sales and gain front-line commercial experience. Aexus was able to offer me an opportunity that fully matched my wishes.”

Disruptive technologies

“One of the coolest assignments I have had at Aexus so far was a project with a highly innovative Israeli scale-up which is active in the online advertising field. The technology they have developed is leading edge, even disruptive. When we got started, we had to do quite some evangelization, just to get prospects to understand the offering. But due to the company’s great technology, the very focused collaboration with our partner and our own dedication, we were able to help them claim a position in Northwestern-Europe within a matter of months. I am particularly proud of that.”

Related – Sales Executive Cindy: „The best thing about working at Aexus is that everyone is interested in hearing your story. Even if you have less work experience, people accept you the way you are.“


Can you tell more about your work at Aexus? Nick: “I help tech and software companies to become successful in Europe. The way this is done varies per partner. In many cases, we take responsibility for the entire business development process and provide advice and support that is of strategic importance to them. I like the variety that comes with my job. One day I spend a lot of time talking on the phone, to prospects, clients, investors, consultants, PR companies .. basically anyone that we need to get on board in order to make a collaboration successful. And the next day, I might be in a plane or on the road for face-to-face client meetings.”

Dynamic & straightforward

If we’d ask you to name a couple of pro’s for working at Aexus, what would those be? Nick: “That would be the diversity of the job, the partners and the products we work with. I also like the vibe at Aexus. It’s dynamic and straightforward. The fact that Aexus HQ (which is my home base) is located close to home is a plus for me personally too!”

15th anniversary

What was the best corporate event Aexus ever organized for its staff? Nick: “Without a doubt the event we had for Aexus’ 15th anniversary. We were invited for a day full of fun, starting with a flight in a Cessna and ending with a nice dinner for the entire Aexus crew.”