Cindy van Dinter

„The best thing about working at Aexus is that everyone is interested in hearing your story. Even if you have less work experience, people accept you the way you are.“

Assisting students

Before Cindy started at Aexus, she worked at her former college, assisting international students and helping them build a social life in the Netherlands, for example by organizing introductory activities. Cindy: „I started that job following my graduation assignment at the same university of applied sciences. Although I really liked that job, after a year and a half I was ready for something new. I wanted to do something that was more related to my studies, International Business and Language. The vacancy at Aexus came at exactly the right time.“

A good atmosphere

From the first moment she crossed Aexus’ doorstep, it felt right, Cindy says. “I really clicked with the person interviewing me. What also struck me was how enthusiastic other colleagues are. They looked like they were having a really good time doing their job, but also with each other. That really triggered me. Liking the work you do is important, but a good atmosphere as well. My colleagues pay attention to one another, help each other out and always want to hear new ideas.”

Working with international partners

„I have always found it very interesting to see how people in other countries do their jobs, and learn from these experiences“, says Cindy. „In that sense, the position at Aexus fits like a glove, because I am constantly working with international partners. How can we bring different products to the attention of different target groups in different countries? I really enjoy coming up with strategies and finding out what works.“

People who love doing their job

Cindy sees the fact that at Aexus not one day is the same as another great advantage. While this can be exhausting, in this case it is not. Cindy explains: „You meet so many different people, you get to visit so many inspiring environments, like media companies, healthcare institutions or, like recently, a nuclear power plant. What’s more, these are all places where people are open to seeing or hearing something new. They love doing their job and are proud of the products or services they offer. That really makes a difference, and I get a lot of energy from it.”

Discovering yourself

The difference between her job at Aexus and her previous job is enormous, Cindy says. „Although I liked the work, the way it was approached was very different. What we did, how we did it – it had been the same for twenty years. At Aexus, nothing is set in stone: you learn every day, from people you encounter and stories you hear, and see if you can apply these experiences in your own vision and approach. In this position, I feel I am able to really develop and discover myself.”

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