Julia Weltmann

“I can honestly say that this is the best job I ever had! At Aexus they trust me, they challenge me and they motivate me to the best I can for our partners, each and every day again.”

Julia was born in Germany and love was the reason she moved to the Netherlands in the Summer of 2017. She had set a goal for herself: if I choose to stay for longer than half a year, I want to learn Dutch and work for a Dutch company. And that’s what Julia did. Her drive to set and meet goals makes her the perfect member of the Aexus team. But Julia herself never thought she would be accepted for the job business development manager.

Finding the perfect job

In her search for a job in the Netherlands, Julia posted an ad on LinkedIn, saying she was looking for a job in sales. Aexus responded to this post saying they wanted to speak. Julia didn’t think she stand a chance: “Aexus is a high-end sales company, specialized in the latest technology. I love technology, but had most of my work experience in the world of finance. I was over the moon when I got in with Aexus; an international sales job in which I got to work with new technologies was something I love to do.”

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Goal setter and lover of learning new things

Julia is a real goal setter. One of her goals is to have visited every country in Asia before turning 40. And she is well on her way! Apart from traveling, cooking is one of Julia’s hobbies. That’s why she attends a cooking course in every Asian country she visits (isn’t that just the best idea ever?). Setting goals, learning new things and meeting these goals is something that obviously plays to Julia’s advantage in a sales company like Aexus. Julia: “At Aexus, we work for companies that sell highly innovative technologies. You have to understand those before you can sell them. I once had a client whose product was so complicated, that I flew out to meet them in Austria so they could teach me all about it.”

What’s it like, working for Aexus?

“It’s quite busy to be honest” (for your information, this interview was done at 7:30 in the morning, because that’s when Julia’s in the car and has some spare time). “It’s a very fast-paced working environment and no two days are ever the same. I love that! I travel a lot, but when I’m in the office, I’m glad to be among my always helpful colleagues. What I love most about working for Aexus are the challenges this job throws at me. For instance, to sell a product you have to talk to the right people. Finding out who that is in a company and getting to speak to them is a puzzle I greatly enjoy.”

We have the best team

Julia: “The whole Aexus team really knows how to motivate each other. Which is something I, to be honest, wasn’t expecting in a sales company. My colleagues are genuinely happy for me when I’ve closed a great deal, and the same goes the other way around obviously.” And what about the managers? “They really trust me. At Aexus, you get a lot of responsibilities, but also a lot of freedom to figure out what the best way is to do things. And if I sometimes don’t know what to do, my colleagues are always there to help me.”