Unifiedpost Group

Unifiedpost Group is a leading European FinTech group which was founded in 2002. The company’s purpose is to simplify administrative and financial processes with convenient and smart digital solutions.

Throughout the world, businesses are digitalising their financial value chain: from contract or order, to invoice, payment and financing. For this evolution to succeed, there must be a trusted network connecting this diverse ecosystem. Unifiedpost’s secure, cloud-based platform empowers businesses by creating a space where this network can exist and deliver streamlined, automated business functions, from e-invoicing and payments processing, to working capital financing, e-identity solutions and more.

Aexus first started working with one of Unifiedpost’s current subsidiaries in 2007 and has continued to partner with the company on a variety of projects ever since.

Lex van Lent (CEO Business Unit Identity / Country Manager Netherlands at Unifiedpost): “We first came in contact with Aexus when our (Dutch) organization was still entirely focused on the agri-food domain. We had been able to establish a very strong presence in the Dutch agri-food segment with our suite of Identity Management and e-invoicing solutions. We knew, however, that our offering would be highly relevant to other segments as well. This required a new strategic approach and a rebranding of our company and portfolio. Aexus played a vital role in this. They helped to reposition our company (new name: ZET solutions) and assisted with the implementation of our new go-to-market, which was primarily focused on the construction industry. Together with Aexus, we carried out a market research and launched a highly successful sales & marketing campaign in this segment, which made us a leader in e-identity and e-invoicing solutions in the Netherlands.”

The relationship did not stop there. Van Lent: “In 2015, ZET solutions became part of Unifiedpost Group, a leading European FinTech organization. We continued to focus on Identity solutions, with a strong emphasis on our ISP, Z login. We realized that a strong online presence and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy would be essential to extend Z login’s presence and market share. Fortunately, Aexus was able to assist here as well. They provided the framework for our Inbound Marketing activities and helped us execute on this, ranging from from persona development and key word research to content planning and content creation.”

The broad and flexible nature of the services that are provided by Aexus makes the company an interesting business associate for Unifiedpost. Van Lent: “The Aexus team consists of professionals in various commercial domains. Their track record in new market penetration, outsourced sales and Inbound Marketing in combination with their pragmatic approach makes them a well-positioned and reliable partner for Unifiedpost, now and in the years to come.”