Social recruitment made easy

Soosr has developed an online platform that makes social recruitment (the finding of new employees through current ones) easy, appealing and trackable. Through one mouse click employees can share a job opening or other relevant content about their company on several social media platforms.


Aexus has assisted Soosr in defining its commercial strategy and implementing this in the Benelux.


Turning every colleague into an online recruiter

Soosr offers a tool which facilitates access to the network of a company’s employees. Marlise Mahieu, co-founder of Soosr, has a strong background in HR and knows the importance of word to mouth advertising. On average, 7% of the candidates for a new job are recruited with referrals. Those 7% will eventually account for 40% of the people a company will hire. Making this process of referral recruitment easier saves a company money and enhances employee involvement.


Risk minimalization

Being a young and very cost conscious company, Soosr was looking for an effective yet cost efficient way to scale up Soosr’s commercial organization.

When Soosr started speaking to Aexus about a co-operation, Marlise soon realized that outsourcing the commercial activities for Soosr to a professional and specialized firm would facilitate just that. Mahieu: “For a small, starting company like Soosr it makes a lot of sense to outsource sales. Hiring a sales executive is both costly and risky. There’s always quite some time involved in getting new team members up to speed and it can take months until the first results are visible. But what if after all this time it turns out they’re not bringing the results? With a partner like Aexus we have a whole team of skilled and experienced sales experts available to us.”


“For us, outsourcing sales means minimum risk and maximum results.”

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Finding the target audience

Aexus’ involvement with Soosr goes far beyond operational sales support. Aexus executives provided assistance in defining and refining Soosr’s go-to-market strategy as well. Mahieu: “Aexus helped us plan out our business strategy. Before we started working with Aexus, we were struggling to define our target audience. Now we target precisely the right companies.”

“Aexus helped us decide where to focus our efforts.”


Gettings leads and creating traction

“Aexus takes responsibility for the whole sales process. From identification of the relevant target accounts and generating initial traction to moving prospects further in the sales process and – eventually – closing. We can focus our time and energy on our product, while they invest hours and hours in finding potential leads, setting up meetings and following up on these meetings.”

“Aexus generates relevant and qualitative leads for us.”

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Aexus feels like a colleague

“We are continuously assessing what needs to be done and how we can make our collaboration as successful and profitable as possible. If necessary, we adjust our strategy and activities to changing market circumstances or evolving customer requirements. This flexibility ensures a healthy business relationship. The Aexus guys feel like colleagues to me, which is great! They are very involved in the whole process and we have a direct and open line of communication.”

“Aexus feels like a part of our organization, they are like colleagues to us.”


Aexus for scale ups

“Especially for scale-ups, like ourselves, it is highly profitable to work with a partner like Aexus. Hiring our own staff for commercial activities would not only be expensive, it would have been a risk as well. Aexus is very experienced in what they do. We’re pleased to have them as our partner.”

“You should let people focus on what they are good at and that means letting Aexus do sales.”