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Aexus executives have extensive experience in the European telecoms, IT, internet and cloud markets. Over the past 17 years we have built up a large network of personal contacts at various government organizations and enterprises. The quality of these contacts ensures that Aexus can quickly penetrate the appropriate accounts with your products, services and solutions – providing you with initial reference customers upon which to build your future business.  Also, we have established a highly qualified network of contacts at the key systems integrators, distributors, VAR’s and software manufacturers. This allows Aexus to efficiently match new products and services with the most effective channel partners.


Highly innovative technology solutions

We are ready to start business development and sales activities for your company in Europe immediately. By working with Aexus, you are able to “test” the market in Europe (or specific European countries) and wait with more sizable, direct investments until your business is mature enough, thereby minimizing your exposure to risk.


“What really helped in our relationship with Aexus as well, is that they also had other companies in their portfolio. As a result of that, we were able to penetrate accounts and get in contact with people which we would have had no access to otherwise. And this paid off”