Headquartered in Amsterdam, Contexta360 is a Dutch organization, which was established in 2016. Contexta360 uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to uncover insights in voice calls and turn them into a rich source of knowledge and actionable insight for organisations. Contexta360 is backed by Disruptive Technology Venture and Knight Capital, both fast growing Venture Capital companies.

In 2019, Andrew White was appointed CEO. White: “Naturally, Contexta360 has ambitious growth targets. It was obvious to me that in order to reach these objectives, we would have to expand the sales function. But at the same time, we wanted to mitigate our risk. Therefore, I started looking for outsourced sales resources. Then I came across Aexus.”

White led the interactions with Aexus from day one. White: “Contexta360 is active in a very technical area. We needed something different than plain outsourced sales. Our offering is very complex. And the sales process is very complex too. We needed an organization that had the right DNA and that would be able to help us identify prospects, create the need within these organizations and penetrate the right profile of customers. The people doing the actual outreaches would have to possess a certain degree of technical acumen, a skillset that would allow them to have an understanding of technology and be credible towards the senior people we are targeting. We are typically working with the leadership functions in Contact Center Operations, IT, Finance, Data Science and Customer Service. Our sales people would have to be able to have C-level conversations. Aexus ticked all the boxes.”

So, how did the onboarding go?  White: “Obviously, the Aexus team needs to have a good understanding of Contexta360’s offering. They require a training that allows them to position us in the most optimal manner. The feedback we received is that we provide one of the best onboardings. We had done our homework and already understood we’d have to define our target audience, buyer personas, the business problems we are solving and the key benefits we’d bring to the table. The Aexus team really appreciated the work that Contexta brought in. They were onboarded quickly and effectively.”

Aexus became an instrumental part of Contexta’s organisation. White: “They are really part of our team and the relationship has blossomed from the early days on. Especially the interlock between marketing intelligence and sales intelligence is impressive. Aexus provides input to marketing based on which we are able to create new content. And the marketing materials that are created help Aexus to do their work even more effectively.”

Aexus and Contexta360 have implemented a process of sprints based on predefined target areas. White: “Several verticals are particularly relevant for us, such as telecoms, utilities, distribution and finance. Aexus does the data profiling and outreaches towards the accounts in each of these segments. We have been getting a steady stream of meetings based on this, with the right profile of customer, which is already leading to sales conversions.”

Initially, the collaboration started in the Benelux and the UK. Now, Contexta360 is expanding into Germany and France with Aexus as well. White: “Aexus helps us to obtain an initial foothold in new geographies. As and when we are ready for new markets to be added to the list, we will work with Aexus.”