Cegeka is a leading European provider of IT solutions. The IT company specialises in multi-cloud solutions, cloud orchestration, outsourcing, cyber security and the optimisation of applications, infrastructure and business processes. Additionally, Cegeka focuses on setting up mobile private networks (MPNs) in a business environment.

Joost Jongen is responsible for business development and innovation at Cegeka as a GTM Specialist. He collaborates with both internal and external stakeholders to achieve optimal positioning and marketing of innovative solutions.

Joost: „When I started my new role in corporate marketing, it soon became clear that there was a strong need for sales support. This is not only about proper routing and follow-up of inbound leads, but in particular also about outbound activities: actively approaching parties which we believe Cegeka can offer clear added value.  I knew that Cegeka’s Infra unit was already working with Aexus to great satisfaction. We then issued an RFP to select the ideal sales partner for us. Aexus was also invited.“

Clear explanation

Based on the response of the RFP, Aexus was chosen. Jongen: „Aexus stood out with their clear explanation. We also received reactions from parties who were mostly beating around the bush. Aexus, on the other hand, was clear and direct: here it is, this is how it goes when you work with us. We really like that way of working.“

Jongen in particular found the way Aexus gives substance to the outbound part very distinctive. Jongen: „Before Aexus actually started working on our proposal, we worked closely together to determine what really sets us apart from other parties. What are the USPs of our offer and for which parties and for which roles within these parties is this particularly relevant? Then we looked at what materials are needed to be successful. Which customer cases and customer testimonials could we use or should we create?  It wasn’t until we got that clear that the people of Aexus got to work. And with success! Aexus was not only able to get us to the table with the right people, but the collaboration also quickly yielded the first concrete results: more turnover for Cegeka!”

Strong commitment

What really stands out for Jongen is the strong involvement of the Aexus team: “The Aexus account managers are very proactive in their approach. They came up with the idea of attending and helping out at a relevant trade fair. Coordinating the various activities, which ranged from following up on inbound leads coming in through segment-specific marketing campaigns, to chasing website leads and the aforementioned outbound activities, could also be transferred to our Aexus account manager with complete peace of mind.”

Aexus wants to work very closely with its partners such as Cegeka. And that is happening, says Jongen. “It feels as if the people of Aexus are part of the Cegeka organisation. Some employees found out only much later that certain Aexus employees were actually external. This is also due to the open and direct communication. The fact that they have the courage to speak to people at Cegeka when they come to deliver or pick up something here.“

Jongen’s conclusion: „The cooperation with Aexus has a very clear added value for Cegeka. Being able to convince a prospect to engage in a conversation really is an art in itself. This requires a lot of effort with different contact moments. Aexus succeeds because they have the right drive, combined with the right techniques and – last but not least – the right story. Thanks to Aexus, we have been able to work with several wonderful organisations and have actually been able to realise extra turnover within a short period of time.“