Jeroen Marcel Bal

Jeroen is 26 years old. Born and raised in Duiven which is a small city near Arnhem. Furthermore, he has lived in Groningen, Nijmegen, Adelaide, and London. Last summer Jeroen completed the Bachelor International Business and Foreign Languages which allowed him to study in Australia and to do an internship in the United Kingdom. Jeroen loves to work with different (business) cultures and the use of various languages. Therefore, he does consider to move to Spain and work remotely from there in order to improve his Spanish and to enjoy the lovely culture.

From his childhood on, Jeroen had a passion to travel and to explore new cultures. So far, he has seen beautiful places in the world and he is keen to see more! Some memorable places were Australia, Fiji Islands, Surinam, South Korea, and Myanmar. Other hobbies of Jeroen include skiing, scuba diving, hiking, photography, football and a good old read.